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Story 4 U

Keep in Mind:
~Britt is your name
~ Your crush is J
~Your famous crush is Z
(fill in the blanks with what u want)

Dear friend,

I was standing in the kitchen. Working for my highschool's annual dance. You had told me that you weren't sure if you would go or not. So I assumed you weren't coming.
Suprising me, you then appeared fashionably late in your beautiful maid-gown. It was midnight lavender, and went down a few inches past your knees. Then, searching around the room, you saw him: Looking dashing in his deep purple dress shirt and dark stunning vest and tie, with his signature hair flip. You couldn't wait to talk to him. Although you were so excited, you talked to me as I walked toward you in my black and white uniformed dress. "Hey!"I said.
You responded,"Hi."
Me: "I love your dress"
Me:"Looks like someone's waiting for you."
Me:"We'll, I'll make sure to embarrass you overtime while serving your table."
You:"You better not!"
I just gave you a mischievous smile and said,"See ya round."
I then went back to the kitchen. Grinning at my cleverness. People went on the stage and were talking I was serving with another schoolmate. She and I were passing out dressings for salad, others were to. I got to your table and said to you and your date,"Would the couple like ranch or french." I gave you a knowing smile. It was returned with a "Imma get you!" face. Your date said,"2 of both." I put them on the table and moved on.
It was about a half an hour or more, when 2 of the servers and I ate while the only guy serving was pretending that sparkling apple stuff was achohol. Moving my gaze on to a more sain view, I saw all the high schoolers sitting at the same table talking. I decided to be an eavesdropper and sat at my other friend's parent's table, which was a little more closer.
I could hear everything more clearer now. Only Your normal talking was silent, I wasn't sure if u were just nervous or if something was wrong. I taped you discretely on the shoulder and whispered into your ear,"come to the bathroom with me" you did so.
We were standing alone, out of hearing, when I asked,"Is everything ok?" You answered,"Ya-I guess"
Me:"seriously tell me."
You: "ummm......J, he said..he wanted to 'take a break'. Or something."
Me:"Why would he say that? Now?"
You:"I don't know.."
Silently I was thinking, but came up with nothing. I said,"Sorry..He doesn't diserve you anyway."
I then put my arm around your shoulder and we walked out and I said,"go back and try to have some fun." You did so and I went back to the other table in the corner.
I stared at my drink as I sipped it. Some guy said,"Hey" I replied,"Hi." Then I looked up and saw it was a famous person(&an attractive person), from a band. He had a nice shirt and tie on. He had rolled his sleeves up to his elbow. He had dark hair and as soon as I knew who it was, I said,"Hey, you aren't dating anyone or anything right now are you?"
I just realized how strange that sounded, before I could fix it he said,
"No. Why?"
Me:"we'll, I know we don't really know eachother and all, but could u do me a favor-or rather my friend?"
He noded and I whispered my plan into his ear.
Later I retired to the closer table and watched. "Hello lovely lady" Z(the famous guy from earlier) said. You were a little surprised and finally said,"Hiii."
You didn't know who it was, I could tell because you hadn't freaked. (Also the lights were dim)..
Z was sitting beside you and said to J,"Hey toss me the pepper plz" J did.
Z unnoticeably had put his arm on the back of your chair, he then said to you,"You sure do look stunning tonight....absolutely stunning" you kind of blushed. Smiling you replied,"Thanks......You too."
l looked over at J's face. He was getting a little bit uneasy, but nothing too noticeable. You mentioned you were going to get something to drink when Z said I will.
Almost right away J followed him. He brought him out of hearing range and he(J) said,"back off"
Z:"Whatever do you mean?"
J:"You know, she's mine"
Z:"Sorry, but I'll leave tht up to the lady.
Z walked back. J had been angered. You were holding hands with Z, (which was more than I had instructed him) and J came up a little more tense, but didn't do or say anything more.
They played some average beat music now and Z said to You, "would the fine lady like to dance with me?" You answered blushing,"I would" so he took her by the hand and brought her to a less crowded area& you started dancing at a normal pace and he said,"So, vas happenin?" You froze a little, seeming as that was your famous crush's favorite saying. Then you seemed to have put the thought out of reach.
The next song was on and all the couples were now slow dancing. As you two danced, you were staring into his eyes. Your heart began to melt as you knew those handsome dark eyes. You slowly froze, and Z (realizing u recognizing him) Took you by the hand and brought you outside.
Meanwhile I saw J keeping a close watch on you till you had left.
He (J) was getting ready to find you when I stopped him by the doorway,"Lose something?...or someone?" He was trying to ignore me until he realized I knew what was going on. He took me by the shoulder into the hallway where it was more quiet. He looked serious as he said,"You-You did this. You messed up my relationship"
Me:"Uh-according to other sources, you broke it up."
J:"No!-see, you just don't understand,"
Me:"obviously not"
J:" I did say for us to take a break, but, I was saying more so as in not getting too much closer in our relationship, to wait-'to take a brake'"
I blinked in confusion, and thought out loud "uh-oh."
J:"uh-oh what?"
Me:"See, when she was all upset and said that I thought-that-uh,..-u wanted to break up in a 'nice' way."
He looked at me for more explanation. I responded,"we'll ya see, I may have,kinda sorta, asked a guy to make u jealous-anddd...he kinda sorta likes her for real...and he-aaa,...might b famous?"
J just leaned back against the wall in thought. I tried to say, "sorry?" But he was dazed. I was going slowly out the door when he grabbed my arm,"Wait. Can you tell me-" J got interrupted by my friend/crush. my crush said,"Hey what's going on? Why r u so close to her? Don't you have a date?" J backed off mad, but just ignored him and walked away.
" Evry thang ok?" My friend asked. I took in a deep breath, "Yeaah." He then went to the restroom while I went to sneak around to find you.
I saw you now in a daze of sorts. Also Z was standing in front of you, talking-explaining something, and handed you a piece of paper. I moved in to get closer when I could feel someone standing behind me. I swiftly turned to see J once again. He said," What're you doing?" I replied,
"What are YOU doing?"
J:"I'm trying to fix things."
Me:"Uh-don't! I mean you should let me since I did it in the first place-otherwise she'll just ignore you....or she'll realize you care for her and everything will be ok." I said with a smile. Then remembering Z was still in the picture I continued,"and then Z......" I trailed off.
J began to confront her when he accidentally tripped over my leg and fell back nocking me down with him. Luckily, for everyone's sake, he landed only beside me. Obviously we had made some noise and as soon as we had fell you two came up. You looked confused, you and Z both did. I said,
"Uh-heeey guys, what up?"
You continued to just glare down. As I began to get up I continued,"So, looks like your having fun....."
You just continued to stare. J had also stood up and then blurted out to you," I need to talk to you, I want you to know that-"
"No." You said strangely confident,"I-I don't want to go through this. You broke it off and-"
J:"But Britt, you don't understand, When I said that I meant that I-"
Z:"Don't you think u've done enough?"
Silence was in the air, until J responded,"Britt,please, I L-"
The rest was muffled by a sudden a group of loud conversations bursting through the air. People-some- began to walk out the door. Crowding the little sidewalk. We all stood there: not knowing what to say, or perhaps waiting for the noise to subside.
Soon enough it did. There were only two or three people here and there. Then none.
J gently laid his hands on your shoulders, and getting closer he looked into your eyes and whispered,
"I didn't mean to-" tearing up,he choked on the words. You placed your hand briefly on his cheek. You then understood what he meant. Not knowing what to do or say next, he slowly leaned forward and planted a kiss on your cheek. You closed your eyes for a moment; taking it in. Then as the kiss was gone, you glanced over at us:mostly Z. You then whispered something to J and he nodded.
Walking toward us, you looked at me, and I stepped to the side. It was you and Z: stuck in the same gaze. I could tell you already knew what he did, yet also,how he still was strongly attached. Wanting you to know where he stood, he said softly to you,
"I know we've just met, and I know things may seem complicated, but I want you to know that I think your beautiful, inside in out. You may not always think so. Your an amazing person, with smarts. And I know that you may not be sure what to do right now, but I know that I'll go with whatever you chose. I really like you, I want to know you more, and..."
Before he could continue you said,
"I know...I also would like to know you more. But, I think we should just stick with that. Getting to know eachother friends. Maybe, if in 8 years down the road, were both single, then just maybe we could go further."
He stared at the ground...Half-heartbroken. You continued on,
"But hey, can't friends have a good old fashion hug?"
He barely grinned as you both did so. With strong arms, he tightly held you. You felt a tear fall on your shoulder, but you knew it was what you had to do. You then leaned back and kissed him gently on his soft lips. He kissed you back and you broke loose saying,
"See you 'round"
Trying your best to give a smile you held his hand, then walked away.....
I saw him drive off that night....crying...over you....
Returning to the dance, We (you and I) bumped into my crush again. He said,"Hey" then looked at me and said,"So, nice set up they got here."
"Yeahhh." Was my sighed reply. You said,"exuse me" and walked back to your table.
I didn't notice till later you had stayed behind the corner to eavesdrop.
"Your all dressed up." He said starcasticly. I responded,
"Ya, didnt you know?-the serving look's the new thing."
He just smiled and I kinda looked down to the bottom of the wall. He was about to say something, when a girl I knew came up behind him.
"Hey, you commin or what?"
She was his date, he said,"ya."
As she walked away he said,"Gotta go."
I smiled 'yep'.
So that was over. I went to go to a table when I saw you hiding and I said,
"Listening for something?" You smiled mischievously. I walked back to the table with you and sat down.
Speeches were said. King&Queen was awarded. An hour passed by as we slowly got up in a line out the door. You and J were laughing over some dum joke he had told. I was searching the room trying to spot my crush. You tapped me in the shoulder, "You commin?"
"Ya, hold on."
I slowly walked randomly through the crowd and ended up in the lobby where pictures were being taken. I inched my way forward and turned the corner just about to rest up against it when I saw my crush right there. I said 'oops'"Sorry" and began to walk away, when some on took me by the arm, I turned and sure enough it was him. (my crush) He said,
"Wait outside for me-will ya?"
I said, "Sure"
I was leaning up against the stone wall when I heard his voice,
I looked up, "Hi"
Him:"So, what's up?"
Me:"Nothing, wandering what you wanted to say."
Him:"Yeah, I think we're all goin bowlin tonight. You comin?"
Me:"Well, I don't think my ride would like to go out of their way.
Him:"I'll take you...I mean you can ride with us-no prob."
I thought about it....
Me:"Uh-sure, lemme let my parents know I'll be out later."
I took out my phone and nervously tried to hurry and txt them and You.
"Ok then" I said.
My crush and I awkwardly walked, or atleast:I awkwardly followed. You txt me back saying you'd be there too. I felt strange since "my ride" was going anyway, yet I had told HIM that you weren't. You, now understanding who I was riding with, Texted me saying, 'oh I didn't know you two were together.'
I made a face and txt back, as He (my crush) said,"You bowl any?"
Me:"Ya, I don't know how good, but ya."
I looked down finishing texting the word 'not' and hitting send.
About fifteen minutes later his brother, who was only a year older said,
"We're here."
I got out realizing I was going to bowl in my Working outfit. 'Oh well,' I thought.
At the register I paid for a round of bowling and grabbed some bowling shoes. Other did the same.
"Hey," I said to some people I'd seen earlier. As I walked down to the lane you were at,
I looked to my left; you were tying your bowling shoes on,J was-Bump! I knocked myself into some one. Knocking the wind out of me, I almost lost my breath. Then I went to say a quick sorry and move on, looking up it was someone I also knew so I said,
"Sorry..wasn't paying attention.-focused in a zone."
'Lame!' I thought to myself as I began to walk away.
Him:"It's cool-hey, which lane you bowlin?"
Me:"ummm, 34."
Him:"me too,"
I just sorta made a 'hm' sound; and I walked away before he could say anything else.
I was grinning for some un-known reason, till i saw Mandi,she was my crushes girlfriend,at the far end. So 'I blew it off' in my appearance anyway, and talked to you,
"Hey best friend" ;)
You responded with a surprisingly mischievous smile, and said,
"So, he brought you hear."
I shrugged as I sat down beside you. You replied,
"You know-your Prince Charming over there."
I glanced to where she noded,
You smiled as I continued,
(Me):"I bumped in to someone on the way over here.."
Me:"Just some guy I know,he's that guy over there in the blue..spikedish hair, his names-"
"Hello ladies. What's going on?"
J rudely (atleast 2 me) interrupted.
You spoke up,
"Oh, ya know...girl talk."
"Oh," he responded, "So, Britt, you bowlin?"
Him:"It's your turn-you're up."
You got up and went to bowl, as J took your seat. He slid his elbows on the table and leaned in closer to talk to me quietly.
J:"Can you help me with something?"
Me:"Um, sure, what is it?"
J:"Well, would you kinda tell me more about Britt,
I stared at him like what?-
J:"I mean I know I can always ask her, but I want it to be a surprise,"
I was still thinkin what in the big wide world he was thinking.
J:"Well, her birthdays like what-next month?-and I kinda would like to give her a surprise part-"
You walked began to walk up as J leaned back and said in a normal tone,
"Yah, she's great," as he looked toward you. You smiled.

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