Ms. Fox

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          Macey woke up to screaming and shouting. She rushed out of her room not caring she was still in pajamas. People were crowded are Ms. Fox's room. Macey gasped and pushed her way up front. The sight before her made her feel sick to her stomach.

          Ms. Fox was hanging from the ceiling by one leg. Her leg was beat up and barely holding. Her intestines were hanging out her mouth. Her eyes were ripped out. A snap was heard and her body fell. The sound of bones cracking was heard when Ms. Fox hit the floor. Blood seeped out of her leg and onto her face. Her limbs were now bent in ways not possible.

          Macey was now sick to her stomach but couldn't help but stare at the horrific sight. The stench of blood was strong and thick in the air. A tear slid down Macey's face. Why does is this happening to me?

          Suddenly Macey felt this unexplainable rage form. Slowly growing inside her. Why is Fluttershy making her life miserable? She never did anything to her! Macey walked out of the apartment and to her room. Why couldn't she leave her alone? She brushed her hair furiously untill she heard a chuckle.

          "Did you like my art work?"

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