The stalker

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Ever since i was 16 i felt someone watching me when im in the shower work school even just simply watching tv now im 18 and i still feel it but I have grown to ignore.


Jordin point of view

I so cannot wait to go home im so tired and this lady keeps bugging me about some stupid fresh fries then finally 10:00 came I can go home yay. Oh by the way I work at McDonald's. I finally made my way to the car and start driving home on my deserted street a couple of blocks away from my house my car breaks down I start freaking out then remember that I have a phone. "NO SIGNAL" the phone says then i really start to freak out then I felt somebody watching me again I lookk around and see no one there then a smart idea comes to my head walk. So I start walking home then i heard a twig snap I looked around nothing. I heard it again so i looked around once more then i felt a cloth on my nose and mouth i tried to scream but it came out muffled "shhh love" this person whispered in my ear then i blacked out only remebering what this phsyco path human being said to me cause I ain't for sure

his love.

How do you guys like it im co-writing this book so yeah byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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