The OSL house.

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Chapter 1

It was a hot summer day, the sun shone through the curtains. It was the morning after the rough night Winnie and Isabella had just experienced. Nobody in the OSL house knew what was going to happen that day.

Winnie and Isabella turned and looked at each others perfectly toned bodies. As Isabella leaned in to caress Winnie, Mali barged through the door. She looked angry, jealous almost.

Isabella quickly turned from Winnie, and looked at Mali 'ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!" she yelled to Mali, hoping she would understand. Mali just starred at the two of them laying there together.

Mali walked over to Isabella and slapped her "HOW COULD YOU?" and she ran out the room with tears in her eyes.

Mali stumbled downstairs crying, Laura, her best friend, grabbed her shoulders, "What's wrong?" she asked, but she shook Laura off and ran out the door. Laura went upstairs and into George's room to see if he knew anything.

"What do you want Loz? George questioned. "...You" replied Laura, completely forgetting about the situation at hand. She walked over to him and then George opened his computer and they watched youtube videos together. "Come on Loz" they then went downstairs and made nutella crepes.

Nobody knew, but Mali had gone off to Jack's room because she knew him so well, and he knew her so well, and he was the only one who could make her truly happy.

*Mali's POV* "Jack, I just dont know what to do. Isabella... I thought she loved me. I thought she cared. She was there for me when no one else was, and to see her with another girl, broke my heart. Thats not the Isabella i know"

Jack comforted Mali. "Well you should go talk to her, maybe it was a misunderstanding" "It wasnt." Mali said sternly. "I saw what I saw and she was with the other girl". "Im sorry." Jack leaned in closer to Mali and kissed her.

Mali wasnt expecting it. She got nervous and pulled away. "I'm sorry.. I.. I have to go."

Chapter 2

*Laura's POV* Mali rushed past me again, the second time today. I grabbed some doritos from the kitchen and went and sat on the sofa with George. "Any idea what's up with her?" George asked. "I'm worried." i replied as I ate a dorito and handed George the bowl.

"I'm gonna go see what's up with her" said George as he slowly got up from the sofa. "DONT LEAVE ME" exclaimed Laura. "I'm sorry Laura, but this just isn't working out for me" replied George. Laura teared up as George walked away, little did she know he wasnt going to see Mali, he could care less about her. He was going to get Laura a present. The engagement ring. George returned and stood went and stood next to Laura. He turned to face her, tears were streaming down Laura's face. George got on one knee, "You are my everything Loz, Will you marry me?."

Laura screamed with delight, she couldnt believe it. "YES" she exclaimed with the biggest smile on her face. Laura and George had to tell everybody about this great news, so they decided to hold an engagement party next week, Laura was still in shock. It was so unexpected of George to do something like this. The ring was beautiful. It was shimmering gold and on the inside, hidden and engraved, it said "Forever Yours".

That night George held Laura in his arms. He knew he had found the girl of his dreams. She was beautiful, funny, amazing, and everything he wanted her to be, Laura leaned her head against George's shoulders, as he gently kissed her forehead.

*MARIMBA RINGTONE* "George, I'm sorry I have to take this. It's isabella. it's probably important." Laura frantically replied.

Chapter 3


"Uh yeah.. hi.. it's Isabella"

"What's up? You sound stressed about something, do you need to talk?"

"Well,its just that i dont know what to do, Mali saw me with Winnie and she's all mad at me"

" Its okay, dont worry, ill talk to her"

[phone call ends]

"What was that about?" asked George. Laura told George about the phone call as they both laid in bed until they fell asleep, side by side, with George's hand wrapped gently around Laura.

Chapter 4

The next morning Mali awoke and thought about what happened with Isabella and Jack. After a while, she decided she needed to go talk to Isabella, then Jack and settle things.

Laura woke up and George was still asleep. She quietly got up, kissed George on the cheek, and went into Winnie's room; she was awake on her phone. Laura walked over and slapped the phone out of her hand, and then Winnie across the face."Why the hell would you sleep with Isabella?! She's with Mali, you bitch!" Laura slapped her again, and Winnie sat there in shock.

*George's POV* George woke up to find Laura gone, he was worried so he clumsily stumbled down the stairs. She wasnt there, but he searched everywhere, to the point where he was getting worried. He heard the door slam, and he ran through the kitchen to see Laura standing there. He then hugged her tight, "you scared me, don't ever leave me again without telling me!" George exclaimed,  "It's a promise." said Laura. She swung her arms around George as they went into the living room together.

Chapter 5

It was late afternoon and it had been a while since Winnie and Laura had their fight. Laura was still upset about the whole thing, but didnt want to look upset infront of George, beause she knew that would upset him. So she carried on as usual, and so did Winnie. Winnie was tough, and she could take anything that was thrown at her.

At around 4 pm Jack and Mali returned home after being mysteriously gone the whole morning. They snook into the house and tried to make as little sound as possible. Laura heard them. "Where have you two been? C'mon now, dont hide anything." Mali and Jack knew that they had to come clean because someone would find out sooner or later. "Well.." Jack began.

"We're... well.. we're together now"

Laura sat there and no words came out of her mouth

"Guys, I'm so happy for you" she forced out.

Jack smiled and Mali and him ran up the stairs. Laura turned to George but he just kept his head down and said nothing.

'Are you okay' she said, clearly sounding worried. Laura there's something I've always wanted to tell you I've just never brought myself to do it. Tears started to roll down his face. 'I... I... don't know how to say it'

'What is it?'

He whispered in her ear.

Laura got up quietly, and held onto her engagement ring. A lone tear rolled down her cheek as she slowly walked out of the room, leaving George behind, but taking his secret with her.

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