Lonely and Brunch with Layla

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Monday Morning

Kaitlyn's Pov:

I wake up Laying in bed alone again I hardly got any sleep last night because I hate sleeping by myself. I love Randy and wish he was here to cuddle with me last night but he wasn't because of his busy schedule cause he's the WWE Champion. I decided to get up and take a shower. I picked out my clothes before I got a shower, I picked out my bra and panties first and panties a dark green t-shirt and light blue Levi jeans and stripe socks. I started the water and waited for it to get hot. I began to undress and hoped in. I began to take a long hot shower because showers made my stress and worries fade away. I washed my brown hair and washed my body. I got out and dryed off and put my clothes on and my white converse on. I brushed my teeth and untangle my hair and just pinned my hair with bobby pins. I look at my phone and admired my screensaver me and Randy and looked at the time it was 10:00am and I was starving. I grabbed my phone and locked my hotel door. Before I got in the elevator I called Layla. I would have called AJ but she's probably is with her boyfriend Dean Ambrose.

Me; Hey Lay

Lay; Hey Kait

Me; Wanna come to Denny's with me just the two of us we can catch up and talk.

Lay; Of course you know I love Denny's pana cakes

Me; Och tht hurt not me I said joking

Lay; Nah she said laughing

Me; Meet me in be parking lot in five

Lay; Ok

I walked to the parking lot and surprisingly she was there I no time. We decided to take my 2013 Honda. We were both sing to our favorite song on the radio and we pulled up to Denny's laughing at how bad we sang and we went inside and got a table. Then a couple minutes later a waiter came and took our order Lay ordered a vanilla shake and pana cakes of course with bacon and eggs and I ordered a strawberry and banana shake I wasn't a big fan of pana cakes so I ordered French toast with sugar powder and sausage and eggs. We got our food and eat.

Lay: " So How are you and Randy doing"

Me: "Great I just wish he wasn't so busy I had to sleep by myself last night"

Lay: "You poor baby "

Me: "So how are you and Jimmy Uoso Doing?"

Lay: "Not good we've been fighting lately and I don't thing we're gonna last " she said with a frown.

I got up from my seat and gave her a huge hug and told her " It's gonna work out you and him were met for each other" she smiled I went back and eat my eggs. We both finished our brunch Lay and I split the bill. We went in my car and sang the whole car ride at the top of our lungs. Lay made my day. She And AJ are like sisters to me they have been there for me more then any one they been here scence my first day on NXT ( She won Nobember 30,2010).

We Finally got back to the hotel and we walked to the elevator and I pressed on Layla's floor number which was 1 I had floor 2 and I dropped here off to her floor and hug her and told her "Having brunch with her made my day." She hugged me tight and said "She had the best time with me that she's had with me in long time. "She got off the elevator ad then I pressed on my floor 2 and I got to my floor and unlocked it. Me and Layla don't really have Brunch but we should more often I thought. Then , I got a text from Randy.

Randy: I'll be home soon I promise.:)

Me: Ok I Can't wait to see you c;

Randy: Me either <33

I just wanted to cuddle up with Randy when he got here so I could take a nap cause I was so tired and he probably was tired to with his crazy schedule. And it was bearly 12:00am. So I slid of my converse and waited for him.

Randy's Pov:

It was 12:00 am I was a little sleepy but I couldn't wait to see Kait. My schedule has been a little crazy but Kait has been so supportive and understanding. I am so happy with Kaitlyn words can't explain. Me and her just understand each other. I still remember our first date she look so beautiful in her red dress and cream heels . She was so funny and love able and I knew she was the girl for me I couldn't have ask for more she's my dream girl . I know I had to be out late for a bisuness meetings. And I wasn't with Kait last night to cuddle and kiss her. I feel a little bad so I go to he nearest flower shop and got her favorite flower Roses in her favorite color red . I payed for them and left a tip. And drive off to her hotel and I finally arrive and get out of my car. Before I locked it I look in the small mirror. I looked fine like always. I walked in the lobby and went straight to the elevator and pressed floor 2. I got up to floor 2 and went to straight to her door "28". She opens the door and I give her the the roses she immediately attacked me with kisses. I depended the kiss and we made out for 3 minutes . We finally let go. She went to go put he roses in a vase with water. I sat on the bed and slid off my shoes and it's like she read my mine as soon as she was done she sat on the bed and she said "I'm tired I hardly got sleep last night ". I said " I know me to it not the same without a wonderful girl like you next to me" . She gave me the biggest kiss and then layed down on the one bed she had in her hotel and I layed with her we cuddled up and put the blankets over us and took a nap cause Raw was in a couple of hours.


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