Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

Kathleen's POV*

I knew now how to command my future and that of those around me. I knew now how to survive by any means at hand. But I didn’t knew how to bend to a bitter fate and graciously admit to failure, when I have came all this way. I knew I was being proud in fact too proud and in my situation such emotions didn't had place, at least not yet. People here thought I should bend to their wills but they didn't knew me, the real me or else they won't be treating me the way they were now. Two women were whispering shamelessly about me knowing I could hear them and I had to suppress my anger for the unique blood in my veins demanded their respect but it wasn't the right time, not yet.

The incident near the cliff has changed my belief from everything and around me. My faith in god has been restored. I know now who I am or what I am. I remember my parents but not too clearly, their memories are still too hazy but one thing I was sure of, that they did loved me very much and to protect me they sacrificed their own lives.

Being a werewolf had it own perks, Fiona my wolf had filled me with the bits of pieces of my missing memory but not much. The powerful potion which we were given was too strong and it had also affected her in some ways.

"Its now we have to find out our lost memories Kat, we have to find what have been lost to us, snatched from us. We have to find out our true purpose which brought us here"

Fiona spoke up and I agreed with her. She also told me that only the poor doctor and his wife had seen us in our wolf form so we didn't need to reveal our true self to anyone, it was too risky and nobody could be trusted here. Though this was my homeland once, so many things have changed. Once this place thrived and flourished under the reign of my father, The king of all werewolves but the greed of one power hungry creature turned our people against each other. The insecurities have taken root into their heart and war on their mind.

"Don't go there Kat, not now. We need our strength to fight back and I know some peoples who would gladly help us"

Fiona had solution for every problem and I relied on her intelligence.

"I am glad to have you as my wolf Fiona and your courage and confidence is the one thing which I will need now more than ever"

My humble confession soften her stiff posture and she started pacing impatiently,

"But what of that stupid arrogant alpha? He doesn't even want us here. He thinks we are here to create a problem and it angers me knowing he doesn't.... he doesn't... trust us"

She sounded sad which confused me because I did asked her earlier about her sadness, where that scumbag was concerned but she shook her head sadly and replied with something about the time being not right at the moment.

"Then we have to make him understand or else pound some sense into his thick skull...."

"No! No! I mean you shouldn't blame him Kat its just..its just you know! I can't tell you now but just please have faith In my judgement, he is not a bad guy"

I snorted at her stuttering speech but didn't said anything. I knew we had some kind of connection with him. Whenever he was around, I felt a sense of peace take over me, his lone presence comforted me and my wolf but When he opened his shit mouth all the calmness flew out of the window and raw anger took over me. His disrespect is what keeps me at the edge because the Royal blood in me demands the respect that I deserve. I know he is the Alpha of this pack but he doesn't know that I am the lost queen of the werewolves all around the world, the last heir of my lineage and the only hope for the survival of our race.

I sat up from the small uncomfortable cot and mulled over the strategies which would help us to overcome this threat of an unknown enemy, suddenly my nostrils flared as the disgusting smell of burning flesh hit my nose and made me gag. I jumped out of my cot and ran towards the window and saw nothing disturbing there but then what hell was that? That foul smell?

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