Chapter 40

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Harry's Point of View:

I woke up the next morning feeling drowsy and having a massive headache. I looked across the room and saw Chloe looking at her stomach in the mirror.

"HARRY! Soon all my cute tops and pants will stretch. And plus I just realized this morning I didn't tell my mom and step-mom that I was pregnant".

"Good morning to you too. An could you quiet down a little? My head hurts really bad".

"Awe sorry". But before she could say anything else, she ran out of the room with her hand over her mouth, straight to the bath room.

"Are you ok"? But all I got in reply was vomiting sounds.

She cleaned up and walked out of the bathroom without saying anything.

I wanted to go sight seeing around L.A., so I left the penthouse with the boys (and yes Louis too).

A few hours later I got back to the penthouse an saw Chloe on the phone.

"Yes mom. I know! He is not a bad guy so I don't see why you want me to stay with you. Could you please stop being so over protective! You're just like Harr-".

She turned around and saw me at the door. "Ok mom, I have to go. Love you!"

She turned her attention straight to me and frowned.

"Harry, don't sneak up on me like that again."

"Sorry, just wanted to surprise you".

"Well your planned work out perfectly. Um, I have to make an important errand. I'll be back before dinner though. I think......"

Chloe was such a blonde. It was way too complicated for her to understand anything. And when I mean anything I mean anything!

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