The Missing Connection

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Chapter 1


As the sun rose in my bed room as I tosed and turned ignoring the bright light in my eyes. I covered my face with my sheets that smell of floowers and cinnamon fegrance. I could hear the brids singing outside my window. "EMILIE!!! ARE YOU UP?!" My mom said loudly. I jumped out of bed and changed into my green tangtop with jean shorts "Yes! im dressed!" i said loudly back "GREAT! COME DOWN STAIRS AND EAT YOURE BREAKFAST BEFORE IT GETS COLD!!!" I sighed and said "OK!" I got my backpack ready, I heard a werid voice behind me,"We should find our mate soon." I thought someone was behind me i turned around quickly but no one was there. My heart was beating a little fast. I will admit I was scared for a min. I shook my head and finished getting my bag together. I head downstairs and see my mother eating her breakfast at the table with my dad. Dad and I dont exactally see eye to eye. He always wanted a son instead of a daughter. Im turning 17 in a couple of months and mom said that I should have change into my inner wolf at 15, thats when things changed for me. "Dad is  gonna end up  ask if i have communitcate with my inner wolf yet, again for the 20th time this week." I said to myself. "Good morning! Thank you for the food, mom." I said with a smile. "Welcome, sugar." As I sat down I looked at my father "Good morning dad." I said with a frustration. "Hmph. Have you comuinitcate with youre inner wolf yet?" He looked at me with that look in his eye saying "i never wanted you as my daughter." I know a bit harsh right? Oh well."I think so." I said with confusion in my voice. He drop his paper of the daily week while looking at me with wied eyes so did mom who picked up his dishes. "What do you mean you think so?" He said, witch sounded like a happy tone in his voice. "I heard someone up stairs something about a mate?" i said with a suppious tone in my voice. Dad looked at my mom and they walked into the living room to "Talk". However, it wasnt every long they talked for 40 mins i guss.

Mom walk back into the room with a sad look on her face like she was wanting to cry, "Em, youre father and I have decieded that you have to move out." "WHAT?! BUT MOM! I PROMISE I'LL TRY TO COMMUNITCATE WITH MY WOLF! PLEASE LET ME STAY!!" I yelled as i stood up with so much anger and sadness

"I'll let you stay for 5 months."

"But Mom!!!! ITS NOT FAIR!" My mom gave the look saying " No buts missy". I sighed and said ok and walked to school.


ok thats the first chapter and my first time writing i hope everyone liked it. XD and heres the next chapter.


Chapter 2  Meeting A friend

As Im walking to school I see my best friend Annie. Annie and I have been friends since 8th grade. *Flash back to 8th grade.* "Wow, its really raining hard to day. I wonder what were having for lunch today? " I walk in side the caffiteria and see the line so long i sighed with frustration and walked to the end of the line. After i got my lunch, I walk into a class room where I dont see any seats left until I saw someone sitting alone. I walked over to her and said " This seat taken?" She shook her head. "Im Emilie. Whats youre name?" "My name is Annie" then thats how we meet. *end of flash back*

"Hey,Em! Whats up? You ok?" I noded and said " my parents are gonna kick me out til i find some way to talk to my inner wolf. What should i do?" Annie said " We'll train you're inner wolf! and after words she'll come out and play! How long has it been since you transformed?" "Never. i never learned to transform and i never spoke to my inner wolf." i said with a sad face. "Cheer up girl! its Monday! And a cute boy is looking this way. Maybe just maybe he could be you're mate?" "I dont know Annie..." 

Just then i heard something or someone say the word "Mate..." ***

So how you like it? I'm a bit neverous that some people mite not like it.

Oh well.


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