Chapter 4

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Sipping at the cup of tea El had pushed between his numb fingers, he watched her busying herself round the kitchen. Sighing he moved slightly, turning to the TV and turning it on.

What he hadn’t expected was for the daily entertainment news to be on. He felt like he had been punched in the chest. He dropped the cup of tea, it spilt over his leg and he could feel the boiling water seeping through his jeans and slowly burning him. But he couldn’t bring himself to care. There on the screen was a huge picture. Of Harry smiling wide and much like he used to at him, but his eyes were focused on a beautiful girl. Something Louis could never be.

He watched as the presenter spoke about their cute date that had happened earlier in the day. How Harry and Taylor seemed smitten with each other, in the small amount of time they had been together. How they looked at each other like there was no wrong in the world. How they seemed to grasp each other’s hands and not really notice it.

 He sat and listened to the words, flooding his mind and the slow yet some how calming burn of the hot water on his leg. This was just confirming all the doubts he had ever had about their relationship; he had always thought that Harry would be better off with a girl. He was just so loving, so being forced to hide it would get to him. God it got himself and it was his fault that he was now trying to win back the man of his dreams.

A choking sob came from his throat, his hands gripping his hair and his ears taking in all the details of Harrys new relationship.

Hands rested on his cheeks and his head was tipped up, he opened his tear soaked eyes and saw Eleanor standing there. Her eyes soft and holding the strength he needed. He forced himself to take a deep breath and stand up. He walked slowly towards his room, Eleanor following behind him, their hands clasped together.

He stood looking at his closed suitcase and grabbed it. Pulling piles of clothes out, throwing them on the floor and then looking intently through them. Eleanor slowly sat down beside him, touching articles of clothing and placing a few things together. Louis continued throwing clothes around, not looking but feeling out for familiar fabric. One soaked in the smell that was Harry, that same salty vanilla scent that no one else could possibly contain.

He felt a soft hand touch his, grasping and twining their fingers together. It was too small for him to convince himself that it was Harrys, but it still helped enough.

“I’m so sorry Lou…but lets get you changed and then to the zoo. That is where they are going today.” Eleanors smile was so soft, she was exactly what Louis needed in a friend and he was so glad he had taken her with him.

Nodding his head slowly, he turned to her and spoke, “Yeah…just help me choose something.” His voice so soft, shaky and pained.

He slowly stripped himself of his clothes, standing in a pair of tight black boxers and looking at Eleanor as she covered her mouth; giggling softly at the fact Louis was just standing there not really caring.

Louis watched Eleanor, she was laughing and he couldn’t help join in with here melodic laughter. So he spun round, pouting like mad and posed. “I am so fucking hot! Look at all this.” He said gesturing to himself, “I can see you want this. Who wouldn’t.” He winked like an idiot and listened as she snorted with laughter.

He knew he needed cheering up, but for some odd reason making Eleanor laugh helped a bit; it made him forget about why he was here. Continuing to smile he sauntered out of his bedroom and shouted, “TO THE ZOO!”

He felt soft arms wrap round his chest and rest lightly on his stomach, pressing it lightly. He could feel her soft curled hair tickling his neck and the puffs of her hot breath against his neck. He leant back slightly putting some of his weight on her and smiling slightly he moved away. He slipped on his shoes and pulled a grey beanie over his messy hair.

He stood staring at the door; he couldn’t bring himself to touch it because once he touched it that meant he was going to have to do what El told him. He was going to try and win Harry back.

No he was going to win Harry back.

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