Back When They Still Cared

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Seriously, do these people even care about me?

I don't remember a time when I was sincerely happy.

The girl who never stopped smiling, has stopped real smiles. Each and everyone of them have been fake and forced.

Two years ago I didn't picture my life like this, I was actually happy back then, now look at me, sad, depressed, lonely.

I don't even think they know about any of this.

They don't ask me what's wrong anymore.

I'm stuck,

This whole I'm in just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

There's no way out.

I'll just always e stuck I this hole, waiting, hoping something or someone will rescue me,

But hey,

That only happens in fairy tales.

I wish I could just go back in time,

Before shit got real,

Before I had to grow up,

Back When They Still Cared.

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