Almost lover

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The rest of the day goes by quick and I go to the front of the school to be picked up and of course my new crew is with me apparently they all car pool together. when we make it to the front I see Olivia Kim and Benny Olivia practically knocks me over and scream whispers in my ear how did you meet the hotties and everyone starts laughing. I introduce my old friends to the new and everyone seems to like each other except for Benny he looks at them with the worst stink eye ever. Right before Kyle's ride pulls up he hands me a piece of paper and goes to his car. I waited till I got home to open it, but before I could my mother and father want to hear all about my day. I tell them how I was invited to the movies as a birthday thing and they quickly shot it down. Thats when I lost it I began screaming and it didn't end till I was in tears just repeatedly saying "why can't you let me be normal?" and shockingly my father gave in and said that going to the movies is just what I need. I started to regret what I said to them I said some really hateful shit, most of it was true I have cancer there's nothing they can do to get rid of it that we haven't already tried.I was in such a horrible mood I completely forgot about the paper if I didn't see it on my pillow I would have forgotten all about it. I slowly opened it and began to read.

Celine, I really am glad I got to meet you. I really hope you can come to the movies this Saturday we can see any movie you like!:)Have a great birthday and congrats on the permit. -Kyle oh and here's my phone number #

CRAP! I forgot that I need to go get my permit license today also I quickly put his number into my phone and touch up my makeup and get my dad to take me there before the dmv closes. I go in and take the best pic I think I have ever taken before but sign the license like a kindergartener/cereal killer. but hey at least my pic turned out good and I leave the dmv I send Kyle a hi it's Celine and that's how a like turns into a love...

(That's all for today I promise to update more! hope you I joyed and thanks for reading)

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