Chapter 2

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So I met this girl earlier, Lacey. Lil mama bad af. She got a fat ass too! She pretty as hell and got good hair. I know she mixed with something. I got a drop to make in a few mins so I'm outchea chilling with my niggas Skeeta and Leo.

"I haven't had no good pussy in a while." Said my homeboy Skeeta. Me and him been fucking the same bitches since 8th grade. That's my nigga! "Shit me either." Said Leo. Leo a new nigga. I didn't meet him till I got home from school. He was here talking to Skeeta. He cool as hell though. "Speaking of pussy, I met this girl today, and she bad as fuck." I said. "She got a friend?" Said Skeeta. "Man I don't know I think she new here."

"Ima have to meet her." Said Skeeta. We hopped in my car and made our drop of the day. "I see you did this shit before huh Leo." Skeeta said. "Yeah nigga, this ain't nothing new." I dropped Leo and Skeeta off to the gym and I went home. I thought about Lacey and decided to text her. I been thinking about her all day anyway.

Me : hey lace , it's cash.

Lacey : wussup

Me : nothing, chillan.

Lacey : oh dwu

Me : I been thinking about you all day

Lacey : oh really?

Me : really. You should stop by.

Lacey : um no thanks.

Me : i ain't gone rape you girl

Lacy : lol okay

Me : my address is 3112 Cypress Lane ( I made this up )

Lacey : okay , give me 10.

I laid on the couch and thought about all the things we could do, that I knew she wouldn't let me do. She hard though, I like that. As I was thinking I realized I smelled like weed. I ran my black ass upstairs to take a shower. As I got out , I heard my doorbell ring. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around the bottom part of mg body. I answered the door and it was Lacey.

"Woowwww." She said looking me up and down. "Like what you see ma?" I asked. "Got put some clothes on." She smiled. I shut the door behind her and she smacked my ass while I walked infront of her. "That shit gay. Keep doing it and you gone start something you can't finish." I said. "ooh I'm scared!" She said sarcastically. I tackled her onto the couch and ripped the towel off me. "OH MY GOD. STOP CASH!" She said , laughing.

"That's what I thought!" I walked away. I was ass naked. She just laughed. I put my pjs on and came back downstairs to see her watching tv. "What you watching?" I asked. She turns off the tv. "I WAS watching love and basketball." She smiled. God she's so sexy. She had on some pajama shorts with a tank top on and her tits was hanging all out that bit. "You begging for me to rape you." I told her. "But you said you wouldn't, remember?"

I sat down next to her. "Let's play 21 questions." She said. "That's gay." I responded. "EVERYTHING gay to you nigga. Come on. Okay so. You live here by yourself?"
"Yeah . My mom still around, but my dad died in a argument over some drugs."
"Wow I'm sorry."
"Yeah, but are you mixed?"
" haha, black and Indian."
"I figured."
" you a freak?"
When she said that , I liked her even more cause I knew she was.
"Yeah. You a virgin?"
" .................. Yeah."
When she said that, my friend almost popped out my boxers. I want her.
" oh wow. So you a freaky virgin?"
"Pretty much."
"Mmm , daddy like."
" ha, shutup!
"There's something you should know about me."
"I'm in the drug business. I just wanted to get that out to you before you started having feelings and shit. It's my life and it can get you into some shit by being my girl." I said. "Oh wow. Thanks for being trill with me." She said. "So how you feeling now ma?" I asked her. "My parents are in the drug business too. I told myself I would never be with a thug so. I don't know."
"I feel you ma. It's all good" we sat in an awkward silence for a minute and she finally spoke up. "Well, I should go. I had fun talking with you." She smiled. "Same here ma." She kissed me on my cheek and left.

I think I like her. Fuck.

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