«chapter 8»

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Chapter 8

It was still raining when I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I was forced to trudge all the way across campus to the doors. My teeth were chattering, my lips were turning blue, and my legs were shaking.

I was a right mess.

On the plus side, I concluded that everyone was still in class so they couldn't see me coming out of my hiding place. I figured I wouldn't attend the rest my classes for the day. I could go hide in my room, but then I couldn't avoid Liam and (most likely) Zayn. If I hid in Harry's room, he would find me.

I was out of places to run. I could hide in Sean's room, but Harry knows me like the back of his hand. That would be one of the first places he checks. I had nowhere to go, and I sure as hell couldn't stay out here in the rain.

I opted to go back to my own room. I had no idea if anyone would be waiting for me, but I could at least shower and change clothes before I develop hypothermia from freezing in the rain so long.

I walked until my legs felt as if they were going to collapse. Even then, I dragged myself further. I somehow managed to make it back to my dorm before the sunset. It might have been late afternoon by now. I was starving.

I probably could have taken the chance of walking down to the dining hall, but that was probably what they all expected. Harry most likely had the whole campus on the look out for me. I was safe nowhere. All I wanted was to get away from people for a while.


Someone turned the heat up in our dorm. It was almost like a sauna in the room when I entered. It was a majour difference from the snowy outside.

"Zayn? Is that you?" Liam came out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. His hair was still soaking wet. He looked like sex, to be put simply.

"Niall! Oh, Niall!" He rushed forward as soon as he realised who I was. "I missed you so much! We were all going crazy with worry!" Who was going crazy? Harry? "Why did you run off like that?"

Did he forget about the kiss we had shared that very morning? The sparks? The tingles? He forgot all of it?

"Needed to be away from people for a while," I chattered out. I had forgotten about the reason I came back to the room in the first place. Borderline hypothermia. "C-can I take a shower?"

"You're freezing!" Liam exclaimed.

"N-no shit, Sherlock," I retorted.

"Alright, into the shower you go," he pushed me into the bathroom. "Take as long as you need. I'll have clothes on the counter in there for when you're done."


"Hmm?" He turns around, holding his towel. I blush.

"Thank you."

"My pleasure," Liam says cheekily.


Liam was sitting on my bed when I came back.

"Thanks for the clothes," I murmur. He had already disposed of my wet ones.

"My pleasure. Now, you have some explaining to do," Liam gave me a hard look, like he was a parent and I was the undisciplined child.

"About what?" I ask meekly, hoping he wouldn't remember.

"You running off. While it was raining. None of us being able to reach you. Does that ring a bell?" Liam raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, er, that," I laughed nervously. "I just, needed a bit of space? I ran off to my little hiding spot-no, I won't tell you where it's at-and spent a while there. I had no idea it would rain."

"And none of us being able to reach you?"

"The sound on my phone was down. I couldn't hear it ring at all," I bit my lip, hoping that he would believe my lies.

"Alright, that's enough. Go to bed, Nialler. I'll be in Zayn's room tonight so you won't worry about my snoring," Liam teased, pecking my forehead. He gave me one last goodbye and didn't return again.

Little did he know, I missed his snores.


Dude that last part is so creepy it's not funny.

I'm guessing this will end up being posted somewhere before my birthday? So happy birthday to me:) it's on the 28th.

And... If anyone checks the dates at the bottom, they may notice I'm so late on writing it's not even funny.






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