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The paramedics arrived carry the body into the ambulance, I couldn't believe it she had fallen down the stairs. Michael had his hands on my shoulders trying to keep me relaxed.

"Who was it?" a familiar voice came from behind me I turned to see the persons face to who the voice belonged to.

"Rosalyn?" I questioned

"Are you okay? you look like you've seen a ghost" I was so confused I swear to god that it was Rosalyn's body who had fallen. I look at the ambulance as the paramedics were closing I rushed towards the vehicle to see who actually fallen. I looked into the ambulance a girl I didn't recognize was laying there unconscious.

"Her name is Annie" I was startled on the voice which came from beside me.

"Tiffani? How did this..." Before I could finished the sentence Tiffani cut me off

"Happen, its called never get in the way of a guy who us drunk and pissed off."

"Wait you know who did this?"


"Yeah, he was really pissed off at something or someone who knows, but Annie thought it'd be a great idea to try and get with Cameron because she was drunk and someone just got to close to the stairs and when he pushed pass her, it was all over for her"

I walked away from Tiffani and went straight into the house to look for Cameron. I ran up the stairs and went into a the first room that wasn't locked. It was dark and nothing was in there except a bed and a few draws, I walked more into the room not turning on the light worried that i'd scare who ever was in here. The balcony window was open and the moonlight glowed through. I walked onto the balcony, the view from her was outstanding.

"Enjoying the view"

"God dam it what is with people sneaking up on me" I turned around to see who it was but no one was there. I looked around in confusion.

"Down here" I looked down to see Cameron drinking a beer looking sad.

"Cam, what happened"

"I didn't mean, I just wasn't in the mood and I tried to get passed her so I gave her a little shove and she went down.

"I messed up Arial" tears were coming out of his eyes, I quickly bent down and put my hands on his face making him look into my eyes

"It was only a little mistake, its okay she'll be fine"

"Not just with Annie, With you" I was shocked but not surprised


"I never stopped caring for you after we ended that summer"

"We would never work out, we agreed on that, you wanted to go back to your football and being a player and I didn't want to be known as your nerdy personal cheerleader"

"And I understand that, but you've moved on to Mike and he is exactly the same as me and you choose him and not me"

"Cameron, I care about you but I cant be the girl you want. I'm not that kind of girl and you know it"

"But I was your first so why aren't you in love with me"

"Because I've learned to move on and I need have more experiences"

I looked into his eyes like sapphires they sparkled, he looked so sad. He leaned closer to me, he wrapped his arms around me and hugs me; I wasn't going to stop him from hugging me. As we pulled away his hand on the side of my face; he closed his eyes and kissed me. I wasn't afraid of the kiss because no one would catch us since we were alone.

**Michael Pov**

I walked around the back looking for Arial, how is it that she can disappear without anyone noticing.

I couldn't find her at all the back yard was empty. I was about to leave and go home but when I turned around to see Arial kissing Cameron on the balcony above me. My mouth dropped I couldn't believe it, she was kissing that asshole. but why she doesn't even like him she likes me. I could feel the heat going to my face, I clenched my hands I was so mad I felt like punching a brick wall. I walked away hoping I'd calm down but it was no use. I got around the corner I couldn't get rid of this rage. Someone had to pay for what she had done to me, but I don't want to loose her.

What's that saying Keep you friends close and your enemies closer? guess my new bestie is going to have to be Cameron. Why does he want her any way, he could have anyone; any cheerleader. He's the dream boy so why does he have an interest in the schools most quietest girl?

**Arial Pov**

"I have to go" I broke off the kiss and stood up.

"Don't leave"

"Cam, we cant"


"It wont work and im not going to force myself to be with you when I have feelings for someone else"

"He doesn't even care for you"

"How do you know?"

"I can tell, he's just using you"

"Enough Cam"  I left him sitting there with his thoughts probably getting mad and ready to start a fight  with Michael.

I walked down stairs and out the door and guess who i'd happen to walk into

"Michael" I smiled, I ran over to him and gave him a hug. "You okay? you look tense"

"I'm fine" he said with and attitude

"So I was thinking that we could catch a movie or something since its not that late and it'd be just the two of us, just how I like it" I tried to flirt but failed since I wasn't that smooth. I giggled at myself hoping that Michael would laugh too but nothing his face stayed the same plain and straight face

"Not tonight, I have to take care of something" he said blowing me off and walking off

I couldn't believe it he left me in the street by myself having to walk home by myself alone.


"What have I done?"  I look down at the ground to see the dead body I had killed.

"SHIT!" I grabbed the legs of the body and dragged it away towards the back of the grassed area. I started to dig a hole so deep that no one would ever find it.

I dug about 6 feet down, I rolled the body into the hole. "I'm sorry" I chucked all the dirt back in the ground when I finally had finished I quickly ran home covered in dirt and blood, I got half way and it started to rain.

"SHIT! SHIT! WHY DID YOU FUCKING DO THAT" I ran on to the street and accidentally bumped into someone as I looked up I couldn't believe who it was.

"Arial?" before she could answer I hit her over the head so she'd be out cold.

I picked her up and carried her bridal style into  my car

"Nice one you idiot" I started the car and speed off with her passed out in the back seat.

No one can know about this!

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