Chapter 3

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Louis could feel the tires hit the tarmac causing the plane to jerk violently. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone, bar Harry, that he found landing in a plane the scariest part. Sighing softly he looked at Eleanor who looked just as freaked out by the experience as he was. He chuckled softly and gripped her hand; she looked at him and joined him in giggling.

After what seemed to be hours he felt the plane slowly stop. He looked around as all the other passengers started to move, pulling out bags and putting on coats. He looked down at his clothes and felt he may have sorely misjudged just how hot it really was. He watched as the air hostess that had freaked him out earlier, made her way over to them. She seemed to look completely normal as she made her way there but something in her eyes just held the madness he hadn’t seen in many fans eyes so close and without the ability to keep them away. Looking at Eleanor he saw he face crease up and her lips narrow, he could feel just how angry she was.

Had something happened while he had been sleeping? Keeping a tight hold on Eleanors hand Louis moved and grabbed both their bags, not all that fussed that he was carrying Els handbag, he just wanted away from this airhostess and what ever she had done while he had been asleep.

While walking out of the plane he was sure he heard a few girls and even the odd buy gasp and giggle. He smiled and kept walking; he heard the odd picture taken and new that they would be on the Internet within seconds. These fans were okay, they didn’t mob him and ask for things he simply couldn’t do. He felt Eleanor giggle against his shoulder as they stepped off the plane.

What he didn’t expect was for the cold air that hit him. “Oh God it’s cold!” he shouted as he stepped off the plane and started the walk down the corridor to the main terminal.

He watched as people looked at him and took photos. He smiled at them, knowing that even though he was here to win Harry back he still had to play up his relationship with Eleanor. He felt bad doing this to Eleanor, forcing her to stay completely single and pretending when he was off being in love with someone else.

He was stopped in his tracks by a small girl running up to him, her hair blonde and curly. She smiled up at him missing her front two teeth, smiling back he heard her speak so softly, “Can I get a picture wif you?” he nodded the moment he heard the slight lisp.

Looking around for her parents he saw a woman walk up, she looked like she wanted to apologise but Louis shook his head and plucked the girl up. Posing with her, he watched as the woman smiled and took a few pictures, most of them silly but he knew they would mean something to this girl. Placing her back on the floor he waved and walked away, the smile never quite leaving his face.

He jumped slightly as Eleanor nudged him in the ribs, “You are too sweet you know!” she said loudly before leaning in and whispering, “Harry is so lucky to have your heart.” She pressed a kiss to his cheek and held his hand while collecting their bags and walking out into the cold air that swarmed New York.

Louis walked a little leaving Eleanor by their bags and tapping at her phone, which never left her hands for very long. He saw a taxi, a yellow one and ran towards it.  After talking to the man and convincing him to help him with all of Eleanors bags, he really couldn’t understand how she could possibly need all these clothes, but he wasn’t going to ask her. He knew exactly how that would work out, a fight and then her telling him she wasn’t going to help with winning Harry back.

Louis stared at Eleanor once he had all the bags in the car, she had barely moved still tapping away at her phone. As much as he loved this girl she could be rather self-absorbed sometimes, he rolled his eyes and guided her into the taxi. She sat and just kept tapping away at her phone, frowning he tried to see what she was doing but got a sharp slap to the keg for it.

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