Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Present time | Harry's Point of View.

For a while I sit and just stare at the sight before me.

Alexandra Becker

Her birthday was last week. I tried to come down and celebrate or maybe even remember something of her. But every time I began to get up something would pull me back down.

It was like saying "You can go down there and suffer or you can stay here and suffer more." It makes no sense to me and I feel like it's a lose lose.

The wind is slow and even and occasionally it blows a strand of hair out of my beanie.

I can feel her presence and sometimes It makes me nervous to think of her. Like somehow she'll come back to me.

"Harry?" I look up. Nothing. I look around and see no one in sight. I begin to think I'm imagining things but then I hear it again.

"Harry?" It's more profound and I can easily recognize the voice.

"A..Alex?" I look around in disbelief.

"You don't look to good." Her voice is soft and delicate.

"I.. I.. What?" I shake my head and I can feel my eyes welling with tears.

"I don't know either." She laughs and her voice is velvety almost. "But I'm right. Look at you Harry. Lashing out at Grimmy? That's not like you."

"He was pissing me off." I spit.

"That doesn't mean you threaten his life." She sighs. "Jesus Harry."

I don't say anything and soon I think she's gone.

"She seems nice." Her voice rings my ears. "Kennedy? I'm glad you found someone Harry. I really am."

"She's not you."

"I know Harry. And it's weird to see you with someone that's not me. But I'm glad you're moving on."

"I'm not moving on Alex."

"You should." She sighs. "I'm not here forever." Her voice sounds faded.

"I wish you were." I say and look around when I get no reply.

"Alex?" Nothing.

"A..Alex please."

The only thing I hear is the ruffling of trees from the wind.

"Sir?" I jump when I hear a voice. He looks like he works at the grave and he's holding a flashlight. "I'm afraid you have to leave."

I nod my head and stand to my feet brushing off dirt on my knees. I begin to walk, the wind hitting my face.

The drive home is slow and I feel my eyes getting heavy from driving and mind keeps drifting to her. I smile for the first time in a while to myself because I actually felt her presence. I could hear her smooth and soft voice. The one I miss more than anything.

I kick off my things as I walk into my apartment. There's a few voicemails from Kennedy. I call her back and ironically her phone goes to voicemail.

"Hello Kennedy. Call me back." I don't know what else to say so I just hang up. I was always bad at goodbyes.

I lean against the counter as I wait for leftover pasta to heat in the microwave. I run my hands through my hair reimagining what's happened.

My thoughts are interrupted when I hear a knock on the door.

I drag myself over to the door and open it seeing a stranger.

He's tall and has very familiar blue eyes. His hair is slick but curly and it's a dark brown. It matches his mustache. He stands about eye level to me and he looks like a corporate business owner. You know the sweater vest type with loads of change in his pocket. Thick knot with enough money to send your entire family to college.

He clears his throat and speaks up.
"Are you Harold Styles?"

"I am." I nod.

He smiles and sticks his hand out.
"I'm Jon Becker. Alex's father."

I blink a few times and shake his hand.

"So? Where is my beautiful daughter?"

I freeze in my spot. My mouth not opening.

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