"Hell no. . .", commented Lynelle. She turned around facing the backyard, just to escape looking at the puppy dog face, her best friend Ryan was making at her.

"Oh c'mon Elle! It's not like you have anything better to do here.", stated Ryan as he held Lynelle's shoulder and pulled her back to look towards him.

Lynelle glared at him. She knew she hadn't anything better than reading books and cruising around town for the whole of summer. And going to Camp Humington, would definitely be a wonderful change. But, damn it if she gave in to Ryan's request without a fight.  

"Look Ryan, I have lots of work here and what exactly would I do in a camp for the school's popular and famous students?", she countered.  

"Ughh. . .you would be giving me company. . ", as Lynelle started to argue back, Ryan held up his hand and continued, " you can't spend your whole life hiding out in libraries Elle. It's okay to live once in a while."  

"Hey!, I don't hide in libraries, I attend classes, and I even accompany you to those ridiculous basketball matches.", Lynelle defended.  

Ryan gave her a duh look, before he started walking away, but not before stating loudly, "I don't care Elle, you are going to this camp with me, and that's decided."  

Lynelle huffed and pouted, but didn't make a move to join him.  

After taking a few steps, Ryan noticed she wasn't beside him and turned to see her standing at the other end of the porch of her house. He chuckled to himself and went back to her.   "You know, I'm doing this for you right?", he asked placing his hand on her shoulder. 

 "Yes, but that doesn't make it any less difficult. There'll be people there Ry!", Lynelle whined.  

"I know, but most of them are the same ones who go to school with you. And you'll never break out of your shell this way.", he replied.

 "Uhmm, okay. . .but on one condition. . ", Lynelle replied,  tilting her head to face Ryan.

 "Anything for you. .", came his reply.  

She took a deep breath and after a dramatic pause, "I'll choose the movies we'll watch for the next two weeks.", she replied with a grin.

"Oh no, not that! I've watched enough of chick flicks already.", he said in horror.

It was Lynelle's turn to chuckle now, as she playfully nudged her friend, and pulled him towards the car.

Lynelle actually didn't mind watching action and horror movies, but it was the gory movies which grossed her out. Though not a hopeless romantic or anything, being a girl, she enjoyed a romantic comedy once in a while.  

She and Ryan had been friends since their kindergarten years and though Ryan grew up to be an amazing basketball player, he was different from the other jocks and he still preferred hanging out with Lynelle, rather than roaming around with the players and cheerleaders. He valued true friendship above anything. And Lynelle, being the shy girl she was, was ever grateful for his loyalty and friendship.                                                                   


  "Dude, cut it out now. . .", complained Max from the edge of the court.

The guy whom he was addressing, continued to dribble the ball and aim for long distance shots the same way as he had been doing from the past two hours, as if he hadn't heard his friend at all. Well, you couldn't blame the guy either. It was his escape routine. 

Victor Callahan was a lot of things, the school's star player, the arrogant guy whom all the girls wanted, the coolest dude like whom all the school's boys wanted to be like. But no one knew, what he was at home, or what his family was like. 

As Victor dribbled the ball again, the morning's events played in his mind once again. 

His father's jeers and jabs at his mother. And how his father sneered and laughed outright in his face, when he asked for a signature on the Camp form.   

Victor's face reddened in anger and he tossed the ball hard on to the wooden football ground and let out a couple of expletives.

"Are you alright?", questioned Max, as he walked towards his friend.

Though Victor was surrounded by a lot of people , Max was the only one he allowed to be actually close to him. And though Max could be quite an idiot at times, they were more like brothers. 

 "Yeah, I'm okay. . he's back.", stated Victor through his teeth. He was still seething in anger.

 "Oh!", was all Max could offer, when he realized that Victor was talking about his father.  

"Yeah, and he tore the form."

"That's so not cool. So you won't be making it to the camp this year?", asked Max.

Victor grinned for the first time in the whole day. And swatted his friend's arm and said, "You really think, I'd stop going, just because He doesn't want me to?"

 It was Max's turn to smirk now.   "And c'mon now, I gotta submit the form in the office.", said Victor. And the two friends jogged to the office.            



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