Introduction+ch. 1

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You're the One

This is my first story no hate comments

Madeline's P.O.V

It was the first day of school and I was on crutches I couldn't believe it. I'm gonna look like a total cluts. But the day went in as planned my two best friends Maria and Zoe went to class and then ate lunch together. Right before I went to math I wasn't looking and bumped into some random guy. I tripped and screamed as I fell backwards, but at the last second he caught my hand and helped me up. We were so close together and looked deeply into each other's eyes. They were so green! But then I came back to reality. Thank you I said blushing. No problem he said back. Madeline but my friends call me Maddie. He held out his hand and said his name was Zach. I shook it awkwardly. "I should get going to class" and like a gentleman he grabbed my crutches and gave them to me. Quickly I walked (w/ the crutches)away to my classroom. Zoe asked what happened?? You're here late! I lied and said I had to go to the restroom. During math I tired to concentrate but I couldn't stop thinking about him and his green eyes.

Zach's P.O.V.
She was so beautiful! I was afraid that she would fall but I caught her just in time. Her name Madeline was just as beautiful as her. But what would I tell my girlfriend Layla. She is a cheerleader. I can't deny what happened there either. God why did girls have to be so confusing? That's why I do sports to get my mind off of things. Anyway back to the present. I was thinking so long that the bell rang and I ran down the hall.As I walked into the classroom Layla came up and kissed me. Hey baby!! Hey I said back. Everything okay Zach? Ya trying to sound happy even though I wasn't. After school I went home and practiced football in the field behind my house. No one had live there in ages. My buddy Mason came over to practice every Tuesday. The next day I saw Madeline in the lunch line. We stared at each other like there was no tomorrow. Then when I was eating she came over and started talking

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