Chapter 2

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Three hours into the flight and Louis was bored of his book, he couldn’t find a film he wanted to watch and Eleanor had been resting on his arm making it completely numb. He tried to move it ever so slightly but she gripped it even tighter.

Knowing he had another four and a half hours in this flight, he began to wonder if he should try and sleep or if he should start making up plans for how he was going to win Harry back. He sighed knowing that wouldn’t be a good idea, looking at Eleanor again he knew he was going to spoil her in New York. She was one of his best friends after all and she was the one that had helped him to realise he needed to win Harry back.

An airhostess started to walk past them but suddenly stopped and looked them over properly. Louis watched as her eyes bugged out of her head, but he tried to keep his cool. He had no idea what kind of fan she could be; he did hope she wasn’t one of the ones that sent hate to Eleanor. They were the worst in his eyes.

He smiled at her and felt Eleanor pull his arm closer to her chest, he saw her eyes narrow at Eleanor. So he decided to speak so that she would leave Eleanor alone. “Hey, how are you love?” he said softly as to not trouble the other people on the plane. He watched as she let her eyes go wide, her breathing speed up and her hands shake ever so slightly.

“You are Louis Tomlinson!” she squealed and clapped her hands slightly, Louis tried to contain the fear that was now running through his veins, “I love you! You are my favourite! Can I get a photo?!” she said far to excitedly.

Smiling Louis nodded, let her bend down next to him and take the photo. She grumbled slightly while she looked at it but smiled again. Louis could only guess you could sort of see El in the photo, but looking at her again she seemed to remember what she was meant to be doing and smiled softly and asked, “Can I get you anything sir?”

Louis looked at her and nodded, “Yeah can I get a bottle of water please?” He asked for a bottle because he knew what some fans would do. And he couldn’t bare thinking about that right now when he was travelling thousands of miles away to win back a boy.  One he could only see his future with, getting old and being surrounded by grand kids.

Louis knew he was being positive about this but he can’t see him going home without having Harry take back his heart and his love along with it. He smiled and saw the girl come back with the bottle of water and a cup full of ice. She smiled back at him and he realised what it may look like to her that he wanted her. He gulped and took the bottle from her, “I don’t need the cup thanks.” He said smiling sweetly up at her. Her smile fell slightly but she walked away holding the little cup.

He could feel El move slightly against him and moved his arm from her grasp. Laughing silently as she screwed up her face and glared at him through her long eyelashes. It only made him laugh more. Her make up had smudged slightly, and some of it was on the hoodie he was wearing. “Looking beautiful El.” He managed to snigger out. Watching as she frowned and pulled a mirror out of her bag. He heard to loud gasp fall from her pink smudged lips. She glared at him and started trying to fix her make up, not taking in the fact her hair was pretty messed up too.

Rubbing at his arm, as he watched her frantic tries to make herself look normal, he groaned the blood flow was starting to come back and it hurt a bit. He watched her as her flowing hair was piled into a bun and she grabbed the water from his hand and took a sip.

Louis looked out the window; he could see the bright blue sky so clear and bright and the clouds that were below the plane, looking like they could hold you up.

A sharp stab to his ribs not only causing him to jump from his thoughts but to also make Louis let out a high-pitched and very girly scream. Turning to glare at Eleanor, he saw her eyes wide and her hand clamped over her mouth obviously trying to stop the endless amount of laughter that was trying to break through. But soon enough they were both giggling and holding onto each other.

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