The dark wolf

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Hia my name is raven I am a twin and will be 16 in two weeks.

I am 5'7, and 175 pounds, I have brown hair with blond highlights. I have never died my hair. I am the youngest of my family of four. My parents died from rouges when I was 6.

On my 16th birthday I find out who my mate is :). I also get my wolf... Score!

My twin sister shai and I are so close. Un like me my sister is 5'4 167 pounds. She has blond hair and brown highlights. We're so alike yet different.

I'm more of a badass, don't care kind of attitude. And we'll shai she's more of the social butterfly. No don't get me wrong she's no whore.

Anyway. We have two older brothers Dave and K.C., Dave being the eldest 24 him and his mate Dannie (Dannie is a female) have one son together. Dave is the alpha of our small pack.

K.C. Is more of the bad boy look but he has a big teddy bear soft side. Only few see. He is 21 and is the party goer of us.

Anyway I'm ready for the day to be over so I go to my and Shias room slip in to some pajamas and slip on to my bed.

With a bliss full dream of my mate. Will he be nice? Have red hair?!?! Is he cute? Will he like me even though I'm special? With that I feel asleep

So I started a new book really likening this one like where I'm going with it so comment and let me know also vote please

Until next time

-Stephanie :)

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