Random Ramblings

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Okay, so there's this one kid in my English and History class. The only thing I can say about him is that.... he's the most gas filled person I know. Ya ya, gross I know. He's always saying that his.... how should I say this... "natural gas" is so strong, that it could provide the world with enough energy. Apparently he claims his farts are used to fuel atomic bombs.

Ok so one day in 7th grade social studies, he randomly interrupts class saying he farted. The class falls silent and we all look at him. He kept saying that his farts smelled like roses and then we, the class, realized he sat right by this vent thing. Soon enough the kid's farts were spread across the whole room and the teacher had to open the windows, admitting that the farts smelled awful.

Ok so also, one day during the beginning of my freshman year in high school, I had the greatest luck (note the sarcasm please XD) and ended up being in the fart kid's classes again. We came in to class right after lunch and our teacher had to run to the restroom. So while she was in the restroom, the kid was talking about how he had pizza for lunch. Suddenly-- you guessed it--, the kid farted. The whole side of his room ran to the other side and the kid is just sitting there laughing his head off. The teacher comes in right after and stops. She looks around at to see everyone on one side of the room. Then she asks us, "Hey guys, is it just me or does it smell like pizza in here?" Then we all start laughing hysterically. After a couple minutes the class had to explain to her that the kid farted and boy I wish you were there to see her face!

Ok ya, I know. This is completely random. Just thought I'd share a story with you before Ivy and my exams begin. EXAMS ARE TOMORROW!!!!!!! IMA GONNA FAIL!!! 8D


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