Chapter Two

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-----Louis' P.O.V.-----

I fiddled with my lip ring, pushing it back and forth between my teeth, just waiting for Violet to come back in. She was way to much like a mom. One moment we were sitting on the couch all nice and peaceful and the next moment shes up, wondering if Niall needs anything, wondering why Kylie had been away from the couch for so long. She really needed to learn to just worry about herself, like me. If you think about it Violet and I were pretty much opposites. Shes the little good child, always well liked, and I'm the bad kid, who just doesn't give a fuck about anything. People wondered why we were even friends, but I guess opposites attract, because she definatly attracted me. The large sliding glass door slambs and she re-enters the room, startling me and causing me to bite down on my lip ring a little too hard. 

"Fuck!" I shout in pain, but then realizing I just shouted that I look up at her innocently. "Oh, uh, I mean oopsies I hurt myself." I smirk up at her. Violet, clearly not in the mood, slambs the lemonaid she had been holding when she left onto the kitchen countertop behind the couch, causing it to spill onto the floor. I raise an eyebrow.

"Louis how many times have I told you not to swear? It's dumb. there's no reason to! And I'm not in the mood right now. Do you know who was out there with Niall? KYLIE!" she flails her hands around, telling the dramatic tale that I didn't see the purpose of.

"Okay. And? They were outside together! CALL THE POLICE! OH MY GOODNESS LORD HELP US!" I jump up, running around screaming for 911. I see, out of the corner of my sea green eyes, her crack a smile and roll her eyes. But then she becomes serious again and stands in front of me, stopping my running. 

"I wasn't done with the story! Would you cut out this nonsense?"

"No. No I will not." I smirk at her again. She groans, looking back toward the back door once again. 

"They were kissing." she mumbles, staring at the door. Neither of them, Kylie nor Niall, were visible for our point of view though. I, still not seeing the bad in this, stare at her with a dumb look on my face. 

"I don't get it." 

"She can't date my brother! I've told her that a million times! It would be so weird, and just, UGH." she puts her head in her hands, looking down at the floor. I run over to her and scoop her up, ignoring her protesting, and lay on the couch, holding her on top of me so she was facing me. 

"Would you let me go? I told you, I'm not in the mood and I need to go find them." she looks back toward the door. Here was the part so differnent than me. See, I didn't care where Niall and Kylie were. It doesn't matter, and doesn't effect me. 

"Vi, you seriously need to learn to care about yourself. Now, which would you rather do? Go out there and look for Niall and Kylie who are just FINE? Or stay here with me and watch the tele and just relax?" I try and persuade her, giving her the most sincere look I can. She bites her lip for a second, her dark brown eyes meeting my sea green ones, and nods. 

"Lou, as much as I would love nothing more than laying here with you, I care about my best friend and brother." She simply says. I am completly surprised, loosening my grip on her and staring up at her. As I loosen my grip and am momentarily surprised she pulls away from me and stands up. I jerk up, standing beside her and grabbing her tiny wrist roughly. "Louis, let go." She says sternly, pushing away from me. There was no way pushing away from me would help her, considering I am much stronger than the little stick of a girl standing in front of me, but I let her go, watching with anger. How dare she choose them over me.

-----Violet's P.O.V.-----

I twist a strand of my dyed purple, nearly waist length hair around my finger pausing on the back porch. Louis was probably furious with me! But right now all I cared about was knowing that my best friend and brother weren't going to run off and pull one of the dumb 'romantic' movie things where they run away and be together. Do you know what happens in the end of those? They die! I was NOT loosing my best friend and brother. Okay, so maybe I was being a little over dramatic, but I can't help but assume the worst. And, obviously Kylie and Niall were not the ONLY thing I worried about right now, Louis was definatly a worry, but it's just that they are my top priority right now. I look around, trying to figure out where they would of gone, and stalling for a moment, hoping Louis would come to his senses and join me to look for them. But who was I kidding? This is one of the few times Louis' totally different personality gets to me. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, which often times worries me when I think about it to hard. If he really cares for no one but himself, how could he care about me? I mean, we had been friends since forever! How could he not care for me the way I care for him? Would he not chase after me if I ran out like Niall and Kylie? Experiancing a new feeling of depression, I glance back through the glass back door to see Louis opening the front door and leaving. He really didn't care did he? A HUGE part of me just wanted to run back inside and stop him from leaving, and make sure he wasn't mad at me, but the other part of me knew I had to find Niall and Kylie. I take a deep breath, ignoring the thought of Louis not actually being my friend and hurry down the porch steps into the nice green spring lawn. Having no clue where they went I turn to the gate, leading towards the front lawn wide open and with Louis standing in front of it. 

"You look lost, love!" he calls out, laughing at the confusion on my face. I, not in the mood because of my previous thought about him not being my friend, snap at him.

"I just need to know where they went."

"Well, no need to be fiesty! There down the street on the sidewalk yelling." 

"Are you serious?" I shout, running over to him to get to the front lawn, but he body blocks me. "Move!" I command, probably in a little to mean of a tone, but I was mad so it didn't matter.

"Not so fast little Violet! I'm gonna need an appology for running out on me like that." he says sternly and seriously. Of course I didn't want to give an appology! Why would I? It's not like Louis cared about me. But then again, if he didn't care about me, why was he out here telling me where Niall and Kylie were? I sigh, not wanting to hurt his feelings or make him angry, because trust me, angry Louis was no fun.

"I'm sorry Louis." I mumble at the ground, watching my still, motionless feet. He swiftly moves his hand under my chin, tilting it up and forcing me to look up into his sea green eyes. I didn't like Louis like that, I swear, but his eyes were the one thing that I could not resist. He gives me a stern look, looking over my expression to make sure I was sincere, and takes his hand back after kissing me on the cheek. 

"You are forgiven, love." He says, a smile crossing his face and mine. For a moment I forget I was even going after Niall and Kylie, but I quickly remember, grabbing Lou's hand and pulling him out into the front lawn with me. I hurry straight up to Kylie, who was shouting at Niall, but the moment she saw me she stopped. 

"Violet I-" she starts, but I don't let her talk. 

"How could you do this to me? It was the one thing I had said not to do!" I wasn't done scolding her, but Niall interjects.

"No, it's me, I'm sor-"

"It was the both of you!"

"But Violet I didn't mean to-" and thats when it turned into a big loud yelling fest. Niall, Kylie, and I each trying to plead our cases at once. Louis hops to the middle of the verbal fight, clearly having enough.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he yells louder than all of us combined, causing me to jump, and we all obey. "Next person to yell is going to have to face me!" I look up at him with a look of  curiosity and he looks over at me. "So you girls, go talk it out or something, alright?" I nod, looking toward Kylie now. She looked scared and slightly uncomfortable, which is usual for her around Louis. She had confessed to me ages ago that Louis did frighten her a little, and she wondered why I was his friend. She didn't know Louis like I did though. I smile a little, remembering all the secrets we had shared and fun times we had went through together. There was no way I could let her go, no matter how mad she had just made me. 

"Alright Lou, thanks." I hug him lightly for a few moments until I feel him gently squeeze me back and whisper to me. 

"Good luck, Vi." With one quick glance back at Kylie, I release Lou and start walking toward the house. Kylie follows me, and Louis and Niall walk off in the opposite direction, which was odd because they had rarely talked. I take a deep breath, preparing myself for the conversation to come.

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