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Harry P.O.V.

Why the fuck Paul wants to see that bitch and me together? I understand her, but why me?!

When I get outside I see Andy inside the car waiting patiently. I walk over to the car and receive another message from Paul.

'Management is not happy with you right now'

'Wtf I did now?!' I think to myself while typing the same question.

While Paul takes his sweet time to write back, I start to think on what happened tonight and enter the car. Never crossed my mind this would happen, never thought a sweet girl, could be so crazy and a bitch, as Mary, but somehow that made me want her even more. Of course only for one night, I don't see me and her in the future. OH HELL NO!

Before I knew it, we're back at the hotel; we pass through the front and see there are too many fans and paparazzi, so late at night. So we decide to go through the back, there's people but not too many, so we went straight in to the parking lot.

I say my good nights to Andy and head over to my room and I check my phone to see if Paul has text, but nothing. I wonder what I did now. I quickly strip my jeans off and took my shirt off and flop into bed. Man was I tired.


I go to kitchen to look for ice, I put the ice on a napkin and inside a baggy. Then I go to the room and sit down next to Carol and put the ice on her eye. She moves a little but continues to rests, Man what a crazy ass night. I have a bruised Carol and hate for someone that I just met. I still can't believe I slap Harry. The Harry Styles. It was funny though cos of his hair all those 'curls' just went One Direction, twice.

I cannot help it but laugh out loud, and accidentally waking Carol up.

"Mary, what's so funny? Oh god my head hurt, why?" she asks as if she seems to have forgotten all what happened tonight. She has a black eye and it looked so swollen, I feel so bad. Why is she with this kid?

"Go back to sleep Carol, we will talk in the morning, you need to rest" I tell her and with that she laid back and fell asleep.

I put the ice baggy on the nightstand, take off her shoes cover her up with a blanket and turn on the AC. I take my towel, my Stitch oasis and new panties, head to the bathroom, to take a hot shower.

I put Pandora on my iPhone, and the first song is What Makes You Beautiful. "Are you for real?!" I whisper scream, I skip it and then 'Windows Down by BTR' starts to play. I take approximately 30 mins in the shower.

When I get out, I realize carol isn't in bed where I left her and neither were here shoes or bag. "Where the fuck she went?" I whisper to myself. I quickly went to the living room and kitchen. "Carol where are you?" I ask with no luck that she will response back. I call her about 5 times and leave a voicemail but she doesn't pick her phone or she turn off her phone as if she didn't want me to know where she is. I keep on calling but still no pick up. Where the fucks are you Carol?


I wake up again, all the memories came back and I feel my eyes tearing up. I still can't believe it. He punched me. Why? I don't understand what I ever did to him other than love him. Now, now I'm afraid to even talk back to him. I got up stumbling and grab my purses cos I know that everything I need is there and some sunglasses, even though it pass midnight, to protect my bruised eye. I quickly walk out before Mary comes out the bathroom and notice I was gone.

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