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My mother and Aunt ate the whole pastry chatting about my brother. So I fell asleep. I slept the rest of the day and night. Waking up with my doctor checking in on me.

"Your good to go home and rest." he said unhooking machines

"Are you sure?" I ask

"Of course. You just need to move around abit then go straight to relaxing every two hours to make sure your nerves are not damaged.  As for you wrist there may me permanant scaring, as well as soreness. It was cut into pretty deep." he says looking at my small wrist.

"It kinda hurts to move it..." I say to him

"That's normal, call me if you cannot move it or it feels numb okay? There's a cab out front for you. Your mother will help you." He helps me get up and I feel dizzy my mother helps me into my clean clothes she brought.

"Sweety, do you love Sherlock?" she asks as we walk into the elevator

"I do, yes."

"How much?"

"He and I have a connection. We understand each other I suppose."

When we arrive at Aunt H.'s and I go lie down, thinking over what I had decided to do only three days ago.

I wanted to be alone, I didn't want my mother's criticism on my choices, or my Aunt. H commenting on everything. There was only 1 person I wanted to talk to. Sherlock. I needed to tell him something. Something important, that if I died tonight I wish he would have heard it. But I ignored my mental state of attachment and focused on sleep.

When I woke up, I heard the violin playing it wasn't far away it was in the kitchen. Sherlock? I brush my hair and teeth really quick realising my body sore and achy feeling.

"Sherlock?" I ask

"Morning." He said playing his violin resuming.

"Why? Arn't you at your flat?" I ask

"Annoyed by thoughts I'm busy focussing on this case. I need tar." He said think of smoking in my opinion

"I'm your replacement? Arn't I" I say to him making me a cup of hot tea

"Hmm" He said I move over to him hugging him.

He has a feeling to him that seemed off. I wondered what was bothering him. "Sherlock, I have a question. A serious question." I say to him he lays down his violin with a questioning look.

"This plan of ours, will it effect your work?" I ask

He shrugs"I suppose not but you do realise I cannot give you what you want completely. I am far from your dreams Veronica and you know that. You just won't give me up to nothing."

I sat there. "What do I want completely?"

"Marriage equal two becoming one. We would never work that way. Marriage, then children, then old age. Do you want to do those steps at the age of 24?"

"You want out." I say "Thats understandable." My mother was on the ledge where Aunt H's bins were. She was listening I could tell by the way she cocked her head.

"I never spoke that." He said

"Sherlock?! What do you want?" I ask him

"A good case, and my friend John back." He said "If you meant with you, then a good relationship nothing would destroy as a balloon."

I sat in a dreading feeling. "Sherlock." I say walking towards him. "Kiss me."

And so he did. I kissed him as we fell onto the couch. Hoping my mother, or Aunt H would say anything.

"Any deductions?" I ask him when we paused on the snogging.

"Your pulse is racing, your hoping you mother won't walk in to bother you, I know your hungry by the way you move. But you won't eat because you still feel weak." He said "Want me to go on?"

"No please don't." I said

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