Help For ME!!! (Book Trailer)

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First of all you need an imagination. Second you need a video editing software. Windows Media Player, Adobe Effects, Windows Live Player... something to edit your videos on. Next you need to search google for "copyright free" portraits of whatever your book's about. ex. "blond girl sitting copyright free portraits". Next, check out this website, I haven't made my own, but this is sure helping me

-Anaydena- quoted that will help alot!

Hi all! In my humble opinion, if you want to grab your audience & promote your book well, a book trailer is a great idea. However, if you are a great writer, that doesn't mean that you can convey your story the way you want to by making your OWN book trailer. Two different disciplines. No offense at all to anyone who wants to try, but if you're not familiar with multi-media editing software, you could be in for a real nightmare! I would love to help anyone make a professional video trailer for their work, with quick turnaround and fair pricing & many years of design experience behind me. I invite you to some examples on my portfolio:

Look professional by USING a professional to help create your promotional materials!

-Leslie from Buffalo Creative Group 

I suggest you use ProShow Production. It's easy to use. Also there are special sites called GIF makers where you can cut parts of a YouTube video. That way you can make it look realistic. Add text - usually the description of your story - and voila your trailer is done!

It can't be copyright either because that company will sue you

Check out my page, I have a book with a chappy dedicated to making book trailers.


If anyone is interested about how we create book trailer videos, our process of working with clients, pricing, etc. You can email me directly and I can send you more information. Thanks, Leslie Taylor of Buffalo Creative Grou

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