"Oh my gosh!!" I exclaimed as I focused on the person, a boy

"It's ok." the boy asked.

I looked into the boy's eyes, they danced with life, and had a color like liquid gold. His shaggy brown hair laid in his face in a way that mad it look like a frame.

"I-I am so sorry." I said in a rush.

"No, you're fine." he said as the corner of his mouth lifted into a smile, "What's your name?"

"I'm Evelyn. Evelyn Cole." I said, smiling back at him, "You?"

"Tyler Hastings." Tyler's smile widened.

"Well I am sorry to have bothered you Tyler. But I need to get to class." I said as I began walking backwards.

"See ya around." He said with a chuckle and walked away.

I turned around, my cheeks flaming, and quickly ran to my class.

                                                                              *      *      *

"So tell me again," Krissi started as we did our stretches on the ballet bar, "What happened?"

"Well I was walking down the hallway and I just ran into him." I said trying to avoid eye contact.

"And he wasn't bothered at all?" Krissi's voice sounded sceptical as her constant questioning continued.

"Nope." I said popping the p.

Krissi had put her somewhat long curly brown hair up into a  ballet bun; but a few curls on her forehead were to short to pull back so they just laid on her face. Her blue eyes sparkled as she gracefully bent over and touched her nose to her knee. Krissi was extremely nice, but her one flaw was that she always wanted to know everything!

Mrs. Heather walked into the room and called the class to attention.

"Alright let's get started..."

                                                                              *      *      *

I climbed into the car next to my dad and buckled my seat belt. Ever since my mom died we hadn't talked much. It was always the same routine. Wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, go to dance, eat dinner, and go to bed. There was rarely any exchanging of words.

I was proud of my mom. Even if she did have to leave before she could see me become a professional dancer. But my mom was a fighter. She battled her Cancer, but in the end she just wasn't strong enough. I looked out of the windshield and silently began crying.

I never imagined having to grow up with out my mom. Even if I was a junior in high school. But life had to move on, and unfortunatly I couldn't keep up. I was always thinking of what happened at the hospital six months ago.

                                                                              *      *      *

St. Vincent Hospital, December 14, 2011

"Mom," I said as I listened to the life support breathe for my mom, "I don't know if you can hear me or not, I hope you can, but I want you to know that I love you. Dad said that you will finally have some peace today, he said that today is the day that we give in. I don't want to mommy. I don't want you to die." I wiped the tears off of my face then continued to talk, "I wish that this wasn't happening to you mom. I wish that it were some one else. I know that sounds selfish, but it is true. I don't know what I am going to do with out you to help me. Dad is already becoming distant, and I just know that this is it for him too. I don't know how to move on. But I will try to mommy, I will try. And I promise that I will continue dancing and I won't stop until I become a professional, just like you. I promise mommy. I promise."

I laid my head on my mom's bed and laced my fingers with her's.

"Alright," Dr. Monroe said as he entered the room with my dad, "Do you want to stay?"

I watched my dad as he left the room, "No, I told her I would stick with her until the end."


Dr. Monroe walked over to the life support and started turning off machines and taking out tubes. I listened to the heart monitor as it slowly beeped in rhythm with my mom's heart. I sat there and waited until the jagged lines slowly grew farther and farther apart, until they became a straight line. I sat there long after it was over, crying.

I felt my dad's hand as it came to rest on my shoulder.

"Come on Evie," he said.

I sat there and looked at my mom's peaceful face.

"Evelyn." he said sharply.

I looked up at him then back at my mom. I stood up and leaned over the bed.

"I love you mommy," I said as I leaned my head down and kissed her forehead, allowing a tear to fall, "I love you."

My dad pulled me away from my mom's still body, I glanced back once and sent a silent prayer to God.

Keep her safe.


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