Chapter 1

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Louis could feel the tears streaming down his face and the breathless sobs pulling from his throat. He had finally told Harry how he felt being forced to keep their relationship in the shadows and it hadn’t gone the way he had expected. Harry had screamed in his face about being completely selfish, how he wasn’t thinking about the band, their careers and how they could loose fans.

He felt himself falling down his head hitting the wall sharply; the pain was just dull compared to his internal pain that was radiating through him. He looked around the flat that had belonged to him and Harry, stuff had been knocked from walls and Harry had thrown a few choice items around. He chocked when he felt his hand graze against soft fabric, looking down he saw a shred of the matching blankets he and Harry had shared.

He fell softly to the side holding the small scrap of blue fabric between his fingers; he could feel a hollow feeling crawl slowly through his body and just before he felt his eyes close he pressed the fabric to his nose and breathed in the salty vanilla scent that was Harry.

A loud knocking started at the door and Louis screwed his eyes shut, ignoring it. But the louder it got the more aware he became of where he was laying on the floor pressing a piece of soft blanket to his face, surrounded by the mess of a broken relationship one he had never seen ending. Not this way at least. He finally opened his eyes and looked around the room, he could hear the frantic banging and he knew there would only be one person doing this.

“Fuck off Liam.” He shouted and the banging stopped, “I just want to be alone for a while.” He slowly trailed off. He didn’t even wait for an answer he simply stood and walked into his and Harrys room.

It still smelt like both of them mixed together, a dirty towel left on the floor from their shower the morning before. He touched it softly thinking back to it.

Harry had woken him up far to early, but he couldn’t bring himself to care at the time. There was a cup of tea waiting for him and all he could do was reach up and pull Harry in for a kiss, it was soft and lingering. Not meant to lead anywhere just to show how much he loved Harry. He could remember pulling back slightly and staring into Harrys eyes, a smile crawling its way quickly across his face. He remembers smirking and pushing Harry to the side of the bed, jumping up and walking naked towards the bathroom. Felling Harrys eyes fixed to his body he looked over his shoulder smiling, “Going to join me Haz?” before walking into their bathroom and starting the shower.

Louis shuddered softly and sat on the bed, his eyes focusing on the now cold bathroom and knowing that as hard as he could try he wasn’t going to stop focusing on this memory.

Gripping Harrys hand he pulled him under the still cold stream of water and laughing so hard at the loud shriek that echoed round the room. He could feel the cold tile on his back as Harry pressed him against it, his hands pinning him there, not letting him move. Forcing him to stare up into Harrys eyes again and a blush start to form across his cheeks. He looked down suddenly shy, but realised that really wasn’t a good idea, as now he had an eyeful of Harrys naked body. Letting his eyes scan up slowly he smirked and pushed his body more firmly against Harrys. Watching as Harrys eyes closed and his mouth fell open ever so slightly, he pressed a kiss to the corner of it. He just watched his face after that, completely in awe.

Soon a hand grasped the back of his head and pulled him forward connecting their lips together. It started off slow and loving, just the brushes of lips against lips and soft unneeded breaths. He could feel the soft touch of a warm tongue against his bottom lip and he gasped gently against Harrys lips. A shuddery breath left him as Harry deepened the kiss, his tongue exploring, his teeth nipping slightly and his hands starting to wander slowly. Never going below his waist, he could tell Harry wanted to drag this on as long as possible, but he just didn’t have the patience.

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