Is she ok?

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"Emily!!!!!" I screamed running to the room she was in.

I quickly kissed her hand as I watched her weak body lay on the bed unable to move.

Another tear fell from my face as Justin wrapped his arms around my waist.

I turned around so that I was facing Justin and I stared at him as i hid my face In his chest as I sobbed.

He lightly rubbed my back kissing my head, making me feel important and safe. Something that I haven't had in a long time.

"Justin....what if she dosen't get better."

"Shhh...babe don't be like positive for her!!

"You're right....I love you!!"

"I love you too...forever and ever!"

"Promise?" I asked staring into his eyes.

"Promise!!" Justin said lightly pecking my lips.

The doctor then walked in interrupting the moment as me and Justin fixed ourselves.

"So I have some bad news" the doctor said looking at his clipboard.

"Tell us the bad news." I said gripping Justin's hand.

"Ok well she's in a coma and we don't quite know when she's gonna wake up."

I squeezed Justin's hand tighter as he rubbed it with his thumb assuring everything's gonna be alright.

"Ok thank you doctor." I said shaking his hand before he left.

I peeked back over to Emily's body laying there unresponsive.

"Justin I can't do this....." I said as tears rolled down my cheeks again.

"wanna go home?" Justin asked stroking my thigh and kissing my cheek.

"Yes please....." I said getting up from Justin's lap as we walked towards the car.

The way back home was kinda awkward considering I just stared at the black sky through Justin's tinted windows.

When we arrived back to the house I quickly ran into our room and buried my body under the covers lightly sobbing into the white pillow.

Justin soon joined me and rubbed my back as he started to sing Be Alright to me, making me feel safe.

My eyes started to drift off to sleep before I caught myself.


"Yes babe?"

"When do you think Emily is gonna wake up?"

"Soon....Emily is a very strong girl! She will fight through this...I promise!! " Justin said kissing my cheek.

"Thank you for everything Justin...I'm so happy to have you in my life." I said snuggling into his chest as I drifted off to sleep.


I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever...I got grounded but I'm back!!!!! So sorry if this is short and sucks! I'm tired lol but I love you all

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