Chapter Twenty-Six

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Katniss's POV

I laugh. Peeta's going to start a war. I'm happy. He's going to make a difference in the world and end the games. Because he loves me. I miss him so. His arms around me. His light laugh. Everything. But all that's gone. He is stronger than before. Stronger than ever. I'm glad he has picked himself up and is fighting. Not just for me, but for everyone else. He's going to do something spectacular.

I followed Peeta and Gale with a few older mine workers on a Sunday to the woods. Their footsteps are nothing compared to the loud wind covering them. They stop about half way to the lake. I've met my father their many times. He says I smile more. He has been watching me.

Peeta stands in front of many men and boys who are slightly taller than him but are ready to fight. "Everyone. To start this, rebellion, we must break laws. But first, get your family to safety. The safe houses will not protect you. They are run by the Capitol. We aren't safe anymore."

"Peeta's right. Protect your family first, then start on the mission. We have the younger boys plan, fighting in class. School trouble. Not mush to get into, but a start. After about a week, men, you will show late for, or not go, to work. You will abandon everything and come hide in the woods. Where you will train with me. Peeta will be walking around, surveying and getting you out of any other trouble. Got it?' Gale says. He seems pretty scary at this moment. He was as serious about taking this war to the end as Peeta was; win or lose.

"Yes." Everyone said.

I droned everything else from my ears. They just talked about what they would do. I didn't want to pay attention anyway. My eyes lingered on Peeta. His serious tone and voice and features. Everything. He wanted to destroy the Capitol. He wanted to kill Snow. He wanted to.

Once it was late and their boy talk was over, I followed Peeta. He went with Haymitch, who was drunk again. I begged myself for him to leave without a drink of alcohol. Lucky, he knocks Haymitch's drink out of his hand. I'm proud.

"You have to stop drinking, Haymitch. He says. That's all. He allows Haymitch to complain why. And scream. And thrash around for his drink. He takes one swing and Haymitch is on the couch, unconscious. Wow. I never knew Peeta could do that. Haymitch deserved it. I smile.

Like he could see it Katniss.

I shake my head and watch Peeta walk out. I walk out with him, he doesn't notice me. I wish he would. It comes to me, the little things i never noticed. Peeta watching me when I walked Prim home. His friends teasing him every time I walked by. I always thought he was looking further beyond me. He always seemed so gazed when he looked at me. But he was just looking at me. Getting lost on me. His friends teasing him, I never realized it was because of me. He must have talked a lot about me for them to do that.

My love for him grows every minute I can't hold his hand. Or kiss his lips. Or feel his hair. Hug him. See the sparkle in his eyes when he saw me. I never thought someone would love me that much after my father died. Nobody loved me as much as he did. Then Peeta, he loved me more than himself. That is what got me to save him.

I loved him more.

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