Adasyn gave one last glance in the mirror before turning the corner. Her almost course, curly hair was black onyx that perfectly framed her face and her earthy brown skin was clear of blemishes thanks to  light makeup. She was making her way out the front door when she was swooped around for a prize-worthy hug.

"I'm so proud of you honey" her dad exclaimed through her hair, "I know you'd rather be chillng than working at a---"

"Dad, I know" she interrupted coldly, " If you keep holding me up like this I'm gonna be late."

He cocked his head and grinned while giving her an encouraging shove out the door, "I'm going to miss you in Uraguay!"

Adasyn's parents often went on  charitable trips to help others in foreign countries. Adi usually tagged along, but this year her father thought it would be best if his 16 year old daughter stayed at home to start working, or interning as one would say. She bid him no goodbye, but instead plugged in her earbuds in preparation for the long walk ahead. "Yellow" by Cold Play had ended when she found herself infront of the A100 Radio building. Her back was dripping with sweat from the unforgiving heat of late May, and she noted to remember to take a cab in the future. When she entered the radio station she was greeted by what looked like another intern; she was Middle Eastern and pretty, but had an annoying aura. The stranger was bouncing with delight at the glance of her new colleague.

"O-M-F-G. You must be Adasyn, we are going to be best friends, Jo told me to wait up on you so he could tell us the rules of the road around here." She bubbly rushed.

Before Adasyn could answer she was pulled down a hall into what looked like Jo's office. It was the mother of all messes: papers in disaray, abandoned file cabinets, and empty CD cases filled the room. Adi was foreboding that this would be her main job, picking up after a middle aged man. Oh what fun. But actually, he had something else in mind. 

"Adasyn, Shafi hello!", His voice was radio worthy and he was fat as Buddah. "I know it's a mess in here, but don't worry; you'll clean it up. Right now I really want you guys to start workng in the LIVE room to prepare for One Direction's special appearance."

Shafi couldn't sit still on the news, Adasyn on the other hand wasn't thrilled. Jo continued," I need you guys to get that room ready for the boys and prepare for phone calls from screaming fans, because dear Lord, I'm not answering them. I also need you guys to find interesting questions to ask the boys during the interview, I know it's late notice, but you're bound to find something."

Geez, this is my first day on the job and I'm already put on intensive labor duty, thought Adi, but she pretended to be atleast half as enthusiastic as Shafi and promised her best.

"No little ladies, I need more than all you can offer, these boys are screaming a big audience, and as they say 'the bigger the better.'"

Shafi and Adasyn worked until the sky shone dark at 8, pondering questions for the boys, but they felt like they were getting no where. The girls agreed that they should go home to sleep on their ideas and come up with something before work the next day.


The next morning Adasyn woke to hear the buzzing of her iPhone. Half dazed, she read the blinking text: Don't worry about the questions, I tots got this! -Shafi.

Adasyn put her phone in her back pocket, grateful she didn't have to finish some lame questions for an even lamer boyband. The bubble-gum-pop music was definitley not her style, as she was into more edgy beats. Either way, this was part of  her job and she grabbed a to-go snack and a cab and headed to A100.

When she got there Shafi was decked out in bright One Direction apparel. Adasyn was in a gray tank top and faded shorts, oh well.  They walked to the large backroom of the building together at an attempt to hide from Jo and his endless list of chores.

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