the burn of jc:chapter 5

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                                     Chapter 5:

                                     It was 8 days later and my cast was getting off in 1 week.The doorbell rang and i went down stairs to the door.When i opened it i saw Ryan.

                                 "Hey,what are you doing here,i thought you went to Indiana for the weekend?"I asked.

                                  "I did but my grandma had an emergency call because my grandpa went to the hospital."He replied.

                                  "Im sorry,come in."We headed upstairs because he said he needed to tell me something.As we got to my room we both sat on my bed.

                                "So,i needed to talk to you about something."

                               "Well what is it?" i asked him.

                                  "Dont get mad,but i know you wil think this unfair,but Jc was pleaded not guilty in the scene at the hospital."

                              "Great,now she is going to attack me again."

                             "No,she is on probation,so she isnt aloud around you for another 3 days."

                           "Well...a week and a half isnt a long time."

                         "Her mom bailed her out from three weeks so it was split in half."

                           "Two weeks and all this has happened because of her."

                             "It sucks,imsorry about all of this."

                            "Dude,its not your fault,dont apologize."

                         "Ok,well,i have to get home.Text me later."

                              He closed my door and i heard the front door close shut.I cant believe this.Her mom is getting her one step closer to me by bailing her time out.When my cast gets off,Ryan and i will make a plan.

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