Chapter 2

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"This is my room!?" I said shocked and the walls were a pink my bedspread was a lime green and pokadot.

"Like it? I did it myself." star said smiling.

"It's amazing!!" I said and James showed me to another room.

"This is the awesome part!" There was a bookshelf that had books the. James pushed a button and it was full of video games and then pushed another for a snack bar!

"So amazing!" I said, the closet was huge also!

"I'm glad you like it!" Star said and James smiled.

"I must do say, this is amazing!" I said smiling.

"Excuse me but your father wants you Kendal..." a man said.

"Whom I ask politely who are you?" I said.

"Oh sorry my name is Eric." he said to me and walked In.

"Well your father is in his office do you know where that is?" he said blushing a little.

"Eric I can show her you're not paid to do that." James said angrily.

"Wow dude sorry okay?" He said back and walked off.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Just follow me." he said annoyed.

"Did I do something to perhaps annoy you? So sorry if I did..."

"No it's just Eric..." he said looking away as we walked.

"Oh." I said blushing and he blushed back.

"I'm sorry if I'm rude..." he said as he slowly reached for my hand.

"Oh it's fine...." I said and blushed as he held it. Then Eric came past.

"Why are you with her?" he said.

"What are you talking about!" James said.

"You're with this beautiful lady! You're just a maid she will NEVER go for you so give up... "

"James I can find it myself...." I said as he let go of my hand.

"Alright then call me if you need me..." James said back annoyed.


"Robert? you needed me?"

"Oh yes come in Kendal!" he said and then pointed to a chair for me to sit.

"So..." he said awkwardly...

"So?" I said lightly patting my leg.

"Can you tell me a little about yourself?" he said embarrassed.

"Well...Nothing to really say but I'm 15 and in 9th grade..." I said and he smiled.

"Okay! Well I'll sign you up for school soon alright! I'm bet you're ready to make some friends..."

"Just a bit.." I laughed.

"Here is 200 bucks, go buy some new outfits for school, take Star or Jasmine if you need a ride, by the way, call me father from now on please" He said and handed me keys to a car smiling.


*after shopping and putting everything away; eating dinner*

"Father, I'm happy to see that you let your maids eat with you, most don't...." I said shocked and started to eat.

"They are all family to me!" He said smiling.

"Aww we love you sir!" Star said.

"Heh, love you to star." he said laughing.


*after dinner outside on a balcony*

"Kendal may I join you?" James said and I nodded and he closed the door.

"Isn't this beautiful?" I said and he took my hand.

"You're more beautiful." he said and pulled me close. I blushed a little.

"Kendal I lo...." then it started to hail.

"Oh come on!!!" he yelled and hail hit us.

I let go of his hand and we both ran inside.

"So what were you saying?" I said bashfully.

"Nothing just never mind...." he said and ran away.

"Might just go to bed then..." I said and headed for my room.

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