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"I find it hard to believe in love, especially for a guy like me who doesn't deserve it  ." I randomly spoke, gazing outside at the rain.

"I believe everybody deserve love, even you Elijah Ketchum." She softly spoke, placing her small hand over mines. I averted my gaze from the diner window over to her warm captivating orbs, with a smirk. "Who would love a monster like me?" I leaned forward and whispered the words.

She brought her free hand up to my face to caress my cheek and whispered,"...Me."

                                                                   *    *    *    *    *

Falling Overnight tells a story of an the arrogant and vain son of a wealthy business man, Elijah Ketchum, who's  battling a life threatening heart tumor.

Facing what could be his last day before he undergoes surgery, Elijah paths intersects with Claire Shoemaker, a gorgeous young artist who instantly grabs his attention and becomes the distraction he needs. She's the perfect mix of beauty and excitement that helps him forget about the uncertainty of his future. It just took one fateful night to begin a love so enduring and passionate it cause the two lonely souls to align

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