Chapter 2- surprise!

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"Kenzie! it's time to get ready!" My mum yelled from the room. I was running in the hallway. "Ok!" I yelled as I ran back. There were two beds, one for Mum, and the other for Jade. I'm gonna sleep with my mummy. I walked into the room. "Heres your outfit" my mum said laying down an outfit in the bed. It was a long sleeved dress sorta thing. The dress came down to my mid thigh. The top part was white with blue polka dots, then around the collar it had a lace bib thing with a tiny blue bow in the middle. Then on the bottom part it had a flower pattern, I wore black leggings underneath, then white black ballet flats. "Can I do your hair?" Jade asked me. I nodded. She smiled. She say down on the floor and I sat down infront of her. She started to brush it. "Can I curl it?" I nodded. "Do you want me to?" I smiled at her and nodded. She smiled and went and got her curler. She came back and plugged it in. Once it got heated, she started to put loose curls in my hair. She then put a big white bow in my hair. "Your finished!" "Thank you" I said as I got up. "Can you do my make up?" "You don't need make up" "just a little?" "Ok, I guess" "yay!" I said throwing my arms around her. "I'll be right back" she ran into the bathroom, she soon came back with a bag. I sat down on the bed, she did the same. She put mascara on me, and a little but of eye liner, then she put on some lip gloss. She put on a thin layer of blush, then she said "done" I got up and ran to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror, I LOVED wearing make up. I have the One Direction and Little Mix make up collection, I got the one Direction one for my birthday, and the Little Mix one for Christmas. "Are ye guys ready?" Mummy asked. "I am!" I shouted running towards her. "Did Auntie Jade do your make up?" She said, looking at me and jade. "Yes! Hehe. She also did my hair! See mummy! Isn't it lovely?" I said doing a 360. "It is lovely, Jesy and Leigh is is waiting for us," "I'm ready to go now" Jade said walking In. "Ok let's go" "what about Hatchi! We can't live him here alone!" "He will be fine, I would let you take him, but no animals are allowed." "He's not an animal he's Hatchi!" "He's a dog, dogs are animals" "but he's not a dog, he's a pet!" I said crossing my arms. "Let's go" "fine but, are you sure Hatchi will he fine? What if a dog napper dognaps him! What if they steal him, like what happened to Uncle Liam's boxers?!?!" Jade and my mum tried so hard not to laugh. "I promise he will be fine" my mum said, I nodded as I walked with them. I'm not the type of kid that throws temper tantrums a lot. Sure, I sometimes do, like 1 or 2 times a year, but nothing major. Your probably thinking, 'well yeah, you get whatever you want' well no, I don't, my mum picked me up, she put me in her hip. "Let's go" Jade said as we walked out.

"KENZIE! COME HERE!" Leigh Anne yelled as I ran on the stage, they weren't performing yet, . I ran over to her, "yeah" "heres a chocolate chip cookie" she said smiling at me, I smiled at her and took it. I started to eat it, I continued to run around, I sat at the end of the stage, eating my cookie. They started to do the sound check. I laid down at the edge of the stage, I yawned, i out my hands under my head, they kept singing songs as I watched them, when I needed to stretch, I got up and stretched. Then I ran off stag

. I went to the seats. I started to just run around in them. "Hey, get your back off the wall, don't you get comfortable, looking so hot, I think that I might fall" they sung move,


The sound check was finished, people are starting to find their seats, I went and poked my head out. Apparently they saw me. I just walked out on the stage. I just stood there in innocently. I waved at them. There were only about 35 people here. I sat down on the edge of the stage, I started to kick my feet, about 10 people walked uo to me. "I like your dress! Where did you get it?" "My mummy got it, I don't know where though" "can I have a picture?" Another girl asked me, I nodded. She pulled out her phone. She put her head next to mine and we both smiled. She snapped the picture, "thanks" she said. A couple more minutes later, about 150 more people had showed up. And it kept getting bigger and bigger amounts of people. I was talking to them until a security gaurd came to me. Somehow he pushed through the crowd. I mean, they didn't really was hurting me, they were actually really nice. I remember one time a fan was really mean to me, they just said things that I'm not allowed to say at me. I got off the stage and walked with him through the barricade. I waved at them as I walked away.

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