Chapter I- How It All Started.

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-------Sky's POV-------

I was out on the school balcony. The balcony looked over the main gate where students were let out when they graduated. Yeah that's right. Graduated.

I practically live at my high school. It's boring actually. It's more of a boarding school though. And to top it all off. I was supposed to be at class right now. Pft. I just need to think.


"Sky! We're going to get married one day!" Ty decided. It was 5th grade. We were young and wild. "Pinkie promise." Ty held up his pinky. "Pinky promise." I agreed. "Cross my heart." Ty started. "And hope to die." I finished.

---------FLASHBACK END---------

"You're stupid!" A voice said from behind. It was Nikki Tigihara. The smartest girl in Washington High. "You've got some nerve to say that." I mused. "Well I do anyway. All you do is come up here and think about your ex. Such stupidity. I have a right to call you that." Nikki decided. I wonder what kept me from pinning her to the wall and smacking her. I guess it's because we used to be really good friends.

"Whatever Nikki." I mumbled. I put my head in my arms thinking about that day. "I cross my heart. And hope to die. Yeah, right."

My head shot up to see a man at the main gate. All the athletic coaches were out there to check it out. The man looked sickly. His eyes were white. His skin was green and moldy. And his clothes were torn. Mr.Raven , my PE coach, came up to the man and grabbed him by the shirt. Mr.Raven started whacking the man into the gate. "Now, Mr.Raven, there needs to be no violence doing this!" Mrs.Holl. Nothing happened for a second. Then something very disturbing happened.

The man bit Mr.Raven.

I backed away from the balcony in shock. Then I started running. I ran to where Jason and Ty were having class. "Jason! A sick man just bit Mr.Raven! Then Mr.Raven started eating the other coaches! No bullshit!" I said as fast and calmly as I could. "Woah, Woah dude. Calm down!" he warned. "Don't you tell me to fucking calm down!"

I was about to throw a punch but Ty separated us. "Calm down, dammit! Both of you!" Ty begged. "Just follow me we have to evacuate." I said. We went to the roof where we thought it was safe. But it wasn't. Then some gruesome events happened.

-------Nikki's POV-------

Dumb asshole. If he didn't think about his ex all the time maybe he wouldn't be that way. I was walking down the hall when I heard the intercom turn on. "ATTENTION EVERYONE! THERE IS AN IMPORTANT EMERGENCY!YOU MUST EVACUATE CAMPUS RIGHT NOW!" What emergency? Couldn't they at least fucking tell us.

I kept walking then I saw someone walking. Oh excuse me let me say something. I thought it was best to keep quiet. I know I have lots of opprotunities to find out their weaknesses and strengths.

I tripped over a gym bag and yelped. Then the things started to walked towards me. Note to self: They are sound sensitive. I grabbed the gymbag and whacked it's head. Note to self: whack on head for better impact.

My parents are apart of the FBI and Navy Seals. They're pretty smart people along with me. I'm a straight A student and know everything. But I'm no like my parents. Well I have their ability to think straight but they're powerful people. I mean Navy Seals! Really powerful people.

I kept running to see our fatass nerd, Koda. And as I said, Koda is a fatass. He's a really big geek. He sits right behind me in chemistry and talks all day about the latest videogames or anime. Like sometimes I want to tell him to shut the fuck up. But I'm such a nice person.

"Listen, Koda. If you want to survive, you're going to have to keep up, stay up, and man up. Got it?" I demanded. "U-Uh yes mam." Koda stuttered. Ha! He's scared of a woman. His loss.

I started to run to chemistry class. It's where the have somethings that can be useful. "Ok. You look for some useful things that we can use to take care of ourselves and people we meet along the way. "Yes Nikki." I went over to a cabinet full of bandages and rubbing alcohol. Yes! "Hey Nikki!" Koda yelled. "Omfg what!?" "C'mere I found something very handy." He pulled out a nail gun. "Perfect! It can be used as a gun to kill of the walkers!" I yelled.

I then remembered the rule of walkers. 'Note to self: they're sensitive to sound'..... Shit. Before I knew it, they started to bang on the door. "Koda! Shoot them!" I yelled. "I can't hold it like this for a good aim. But..." he muttered. He grabbed 2 pieces of plywood and ducttape and started to do some thing with the nail gun. "Dammit Koda! Shoot'em already!" He turned back with his nail gun. It look like he made a place so the gun can rest on his shoulder. Very clever.

He started shooting them one by one. And they all fell down. Haha. But right now we need to find out what's causing this. A science expieriment gone wrong? Some sickness?




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