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• Emilia's pov •

This whole entire time, did he know? If Jaime told him I swear to God I will rip him in half and feed him to wolves. My breathing started to pick up with my heart beat, my palms becoming sweatier and sweatier by the second.

"Why couldn't you just tell me you died your hair? I wouldn't be mad at you, Em." I looked up, smiling but still avoiding his eyes. If he looked straight at me, he'd see Halley. I know he would.

Of course, he meant my hair. Relief washed over me as I breathed out a deep breath. He still doesn't know. Now I feel bad about having to tell him. He'll freak out and probably punch the bench or the trees. I don't want to put him through this again. Jaime was right, but I'm too far in now, I literally can not go back.

"Oh, uh, yeah," I said nervously, twiddling with my hair. "I thought, maybe, I should go back to my original colour."

Tony nodded, his smile disappearing a little. "So, why did you want to meet here?" he asked, smiling again. To be honest, it hurt me to see him so happy, knowing just one sentence that's about to come out of my mouth will ruin it all.

I gulped, blinking hard once and picking up Tony's hand with mine. Looking straight up at him, I smiled, showing my teeth and everything. Even though I was smiling, Tony wasn't. He looked. . . scared. Like he was frightened by me.

Watching his face for a sign that he knew, I started to frown a little. He knows exactly who I am, he just won't say anything. I let go of his hand, standing up with my phone in my left hand that was just holding his. I was right all along. He doesn't care and he never will. I'll always be 'That Girl Who I Used To Date.' Always.

"I'm sorry, Tone," I said weakly, feeling my eyes beginning to fill with tears. I felt it hard to simply open my mouth, but I did my best. "I just wanted to see you again." For once, the truth came out. For the past week I've been lying. Lying to Tony. Lying to Mandy. And lying to my own mother. I just wanted to give Tony a second chance, but that didn't go so well, did it?

I leaned in, pecked his warm cheek and bit my lip as I walked away quietly. I tried. But for the second time, Tony didn't try back. Sometimes I wonder if he even cared about me at all when we were dating. Was it all just a silly act to get with me? It was all just a huge mistake. The mistake I wish I could've fixed when I had the chance.

Pulling down my sleeve, I wiped a couple of mascara filled tears off of my cheek. Mandy was leaning one shoulder on a tree as she was texting away on her phone. She looked up, her eyes wide as she ran towards me. "Oh, Emilia," she said over my sobs, pulling me into a hug. "Let's get you home."


I walked into the kitchen, pulling on a fake smile and trudging over to hug my mom goodbye. She laughed as I sighed dramatically into her ear, hugging me tighter. "Did Craig come home yet?" I asked whenever she pulled away. Mom shook her head sadly, staring at the marble floor. I looked over at Mandy, watching as she ate a maple cookie, looking at me. "Don't worry. Me and Mandy are going to find him, Mom." I didn't take my eyes off of Mandy as she stared at me wide-eyed.

"We're what?"

"You heard me," I replied sassily, giving her a 'shut up' look. I turned back to my mom, smiling. "We'll see you later." Grabbing Mandy's elbow, I dragged her out of the front door, grabbing my suitcase on the way.

She looked angry as I was putting my suitcase in the trunk of our rental car. "I didn't even get to finish my damn cookie," Mandy muttered angrily whenever I sat in the drivers seat.

I laughed, rolling my eyes, and starting the car. "Yeah, okay."

We drove to a couple of bars, thinking that maybe Craig would turn to alcohol in a situation like this. Right now, we're driving around town, watching people on the sidewalks to see if Craig is one of them. "Where do you think he could've went? It hasn't even been twenty-four hours," Mandy asked, watching outside her window for Craig.

"I don't know," I said, "But I hope he's safe." Mandy turned away from her window, looking at me with a smile on her face. "What?" I asked, turning away from the wheel for a second.

She opened her mouth to speak but closed it a second after. "Nothing." Mandy turned back to her window, shaking her head. "Wait!"

I slammed my foot on the brake, causing the car behind me to beep their horn for a long period of time. "Mandy, what the hell--"

"Craig! It's him, Emilia! It's him!" Mandy shouted, pointing to a guy walking down the street, his hands stuffed into his pockets.

Turning the wheel to where Mandy was pointing, the beeping of the horn came to a stop. I leaned in closer, staring at the man. "You're right, it is him."

• Tony's pov •

"Dammit, Tony! Why didn't you stop her?!" Jaime yelled, pacing his living room angrily.

I ran my hand through my hair, pulling it along the way. "I don't know, Jaime. But can you please stop yelling at me? I choked, okay? I fucking choked."

"I just can't believe she did it again!" he shouted even louder, ignoring me. "I specifically told her not to. I fucking told her." He stopped pacing, realizing what he just told me.

I lifted my head from my hands, glaring at him. "You mean, you knew this whole time?" I asked, my voice a little choked up, not believing him. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Jaime turned to me, sitting down beside me on his sofa. He slid his arm around my shoulders, bending down. "I tried to Tony, I really did. But you got a call from Halley and I just didn't know how else to tell you afterwards," he said quietly, starting to calm down a little. "It's all my fault she left. I'm sorry, Tone. I should've told you as soon as I knew."

I shook my head, a smile forming on my face a little. "It's not too late, Hime," I stated, Halley's beautiful face appearing in my mind, making me smile big. "I still remember where she lives."

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