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Hi name is Athena Wolf. I'm 16 in human years and I lost track of my real immortal age. I have black hair reaches to my waist, I am 5/1 and I have dark brown eyes that change colors when I'm sad, happy, bored, tired, excited and when I'm pissed off they change to the color red.  Oh, did I tell you I'm a vampire, werewolf? No? Well now you know. And I live in a adoption center also. I never knew my parents. They just send me to a adoption center when I was born. So I have nobody.  But then a boy band comes along and changes my life. This is my story.




"Damn, okay, okay." I muttered. I finished combing my hair. I checked myself out in the mirror and fixed my black veil brides T-shirt and I put on my black skinny jeans on. I slipped on my black converse and I ran human speed down stairs and I stand at the end of the line.

"Girls, now listen up. Their is going to be some visitors coming to adopted one of you. And they are going to interview you also. So you must be on your best behavior." Mrs. Smith said while fake smiling. All the girls in the line are wearing butt loads of makeup. They look like a bunch of psycho clowns.  Me? I'm just wearing black eyeliner. My eyes are light yellow so that means I'm bored as fuck. Pardon my language. "So I will bring in the boys so they can interview each one of you. Boys! Come in!" She yelled at the door. A group of 5 boys boys came walking in the room. Then all the craze clown girls started screaming and yelling: "OMG! ONE DIRECTION!!! AAAAGHHH!!" Like WTF much? The so called one direction are smiling and looking at each girls and their eyes stopped at me.

 The boys started whispering at each other. Thanks to my vamp and were hearing I can hear everything they are saying about me. "WOW! She is pretty." The blonde one said. "Mates, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Buzzed cut guy said. "OMG her eyes are changing colors!" The striped guy said. "Lets interview her mates."  Curly hair guy said. "I wonder if she is a directioner?"  Quiff guy said. I have a feeling something is about to happen.

"Lets interview her!" The boys said pointing at me. Yeah its not nice to point guys. I mentally rolled my eyes. "Her!? Why her she is a freak and a nobody!" The blonde girl name Kathy sneered. "Excuse me, young lady. You shall not be impolite to Athena like that. Go up to your room!" Mrs. Smith demanded.  Damn Kathy is on the bitchy mode today. Mrs. Smith led me into the office where I'll have my interview. The door closed behind me and I turned around and their stood one direction.

"Erm, hi?"  I said. "Hello love, we are one direction!"  They said in a unison. o.O Okay that's freaky. "Hi my name is Liam," Buzz cut guy said. "I'm Harry." The curly hair guy said. Winking at me. Oh god. "I'm Niall." Blonde said. "I'm Louis!" The hyper striped one said. "And I'm Zayn." The quiff dude said. "Uh, hello. My name is Athena Wolf." I smiled. "What's your favorite color love?" Liam asked. "Black, green and red."  "What's your favorite sport?" Niall asked. "Football(Soccer), American football, surfing, and skateboarding."  What's your favorite movie?" Harry asked. "Insidious and Insidious 2." I answered. "Fav food?" Louis asked. "I don't know." I muttered.  "Hobbies?" Zayn said. "Singing, drawing, and play some football." I said while smiling. I like them already. They seem cool for a boy band.  I wonder if they are going to adopted me? Probably not because I'm a monster. I mean who would want a monster like me. Who feast on blood and changes into a beast.

"See! Did ya mates see her eyes changing colors!!" Louis yelled. "Yeah, how did you do that Athena!?" Liam and Zayn asked. Harry, Niall and Louis are whispering at each other saying: "I told you lads, she is quite different. I like different and it seems pretty awesome how she changes her eye color." Louis whispered. "Yeah but you know what is very interesting about her? She is keeping something from us. And it must be a big secret also."  Harry whispered. "Shhh.. Lads, I think she can here us!"  Niall shushed them.  Shit. They cant know what I am. "Athena you alright?" Liam asked. "Huh? Oh um, I'm fine, just thinking about stuff." I said. "Oh ok." Liam said. The door opens and Mrs. Smith comes in. "Time is up. Have you lads made up your minds yet?"  She faked smiled. 'If she keeps smiling like that, her face is going to stay stuck like that. And its freaking me out.'  My she wolf laughed. "I know right! She is just pretending to be nice around the boys, that's all." I laughed along with her. My she wolf Lazandra was telling some jokes and I was going to tell her something about why we haven't transform into our true form yet but got erupted by the boys saying: " We like to adopted Athena Wolf!"  Wait what!!? Lazandra and I mentally said. O.O