Chapter 2

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  • Dedicated to Aaliyah

Harry's POV

As soon as we turn into the driveway I am lusting to continue what we just started in the jewerelly store. I turn of the car as fast as possible and I can already see Louis biting his lip from the corner of my eye. What is this boy doing to me? Just by looking at him biting his damn lip I get so worked up that I want to take him right here, in his car. 

"Lets get inside babe, before I lose myself and you don't want that, believe me.", I say.

He just smirks and gives me one his sexy looks that work better on me than any puppy-eye in this entire world. If he would tell me to rob a bank with that look I'd happily do it just to see it again. I take him by the hand and almost pull him to our old apartment that we borrowed from one of his friends. I unlock the door and pull on his white shirt in one, fast movement until our lips collide in a powerful way filled with love and honesty.

Loui's POV

He pulls on my hair as I bite down on his bottom lip. He and I know exactly how to poke each others buttons and when it is the right time to do so. I hear him groaning into my mouth loudly as he pushed me against the door too fast for me to acknowledge. I move my hand under his shirt while he slightly tucks on my hair, which drives me nuts. My fingertips run over every inch of his muscular, perfect stomach and I can feel his fast breath on my palm. In a matter of one second he brings his hot, wet lips against that point on my collar bone that brings me to the edge of excitement. I scream out his name as I slowly walk him to our bedroom, making sure to not make him bump into a hard object. I push him onto our sheets and undress him like I have done more than I can remember. As soon as he is completely exposed I can't help but feel my erection growing in my pants. He flips me so he is on top and he starts grinding me with his perfect, smooth hips that are made just for me. He undresses me faster than ever and kisses me violently on the neck, on my chest and he moves his tongue over my stomach. Fuck. He knows exactly what he is doing and I dont even realize how ready I am for him. The minute he takes me into his mouth I lose it all. My fists grab the bed sheets so I don't come the minute he starts using his "skills". He says dirty things to me that, if I wouldn't know for a fact he is saying them, would never be expected to come from his mouth. After a minute of me slowly, but surely building up my orgasm, I come unconditionally as I yell out his name, which I know he loves as well. He wipes his mouth and smiles,

      " Babe, you taste so fucking good."

      "Now its time for you to have some fun", I say, smiling at the sight of his swollen lips.

Harry's POV

Louis tortures me more than usual today. He runs his perfect lips over the point behind my ear and slightly sucks, which brings me on the edge. While he is doing that, he moves his tiny hand into my boxers and moves his hand up and down. Fuck, how good can love feel? Finally he stops moving slowly and takes me into his mouth. No guy could ever do what he does. The way he sucks with his mouth while licking my most sensitive spot on my penis makes me ready to come after 5 seconds. Just like him, I grab the closest object to me to not scream out all the stuff that I shouldn't scream out loud in an apartment with neighbors. Louis looks at me with his dirty eyes again and I come without even holding it back, it's just me and him right now, so who cares. He moves up to lay on my chest and whispers into my ear, "It's just you and me, forever." I don't even try to hide the biggest smile on my face while I hear his breathing slowing down. 

     "Babe, I love you. You and Me, forev-", but  he already fell asleep, snuggled up on my chest. 

 (To be continued soon...) 

Hey, Im Mary, and Im writing this fanfic because I totally ship #Larry. I hope you enjoy it, its already Rated R, but thats because it is really dirty, but I hope you like it :) xx

Leave me feedback if you liked it or have any suggestions. Lots of Love. 

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