Chapter 1

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Cheyenne POV~

"Why does the sun have to be so bright?! Ugh!" I mummbled when the sun hits my face one again.

I got out of bed and headed to the restroom or how I say it pooty room. Ya i know childish, but whatever... YOLO!

I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I un-braid my 8 braids i had put in my hair the night before. Once im done I put alittle makeup on not to much.

I head to my closet and try to choose an outfit for the day.

Dark skinny jeans, a shirt i just bought from Fresh Tops that says "YOLO" yup I like saying it so might as well wear it. I grab my Black converse and my beanie.

I grab my keys and my phone, then head out to the mall. No im not going shopping... well maybe later. Im going to work. Ya fun I know.

I mean I love working there because I get discounts on coffee yum! But still im not much of a worker chick.... ya know what I mean?

Once I open the door to my car I get in. I put my keys in and turn on the radio. I put my seat belt on.... better safe then sorry. Sorry thats kinda what I always say to myself so I won't forget. I drive out of my drive way.

Well I guess ill introduce myself while im driving.

My name is Cheyenne Kali, but i perfer Chey. Im 17 going on to 18 in 3 weeks. Im from Michigan State, but I moved to England about 2 years ago. Right now im living alone in my apartment, but when I first moved to England I came with my parents. They died a year after in a car accident. It was acually 2 days after my 16th birthday. Im fine really I miss them, but im doing pretty good on my own.

I get out of my car after I park it. I grab my keys and my phone. I lock my car. I walk into the mall entrance. I have to walk to the middle of the mall where ther food court is. Once I get there I walk up to Panda Express. Yup thats where im gonna eat. I get what I usually get when I get Panda and a drink. I walk to the table I always sit at and eat my food. After im done I get up and throw my trash away.

I start walking up to Starbucks because that's where I work. I go to the back and grab my apron and check in.

My usual job at Starbucks is cleaning. Yup sucks I know. Since today the register person who's always working the register is sick today. So guess what that means! Im the register lady today...

I look up and I see 2 mysterious guys walk in. They have sun glasses on and beanies. Hey their copying me... not funny strangers!

Anyways they walk up to the register... where I am. They look up at the menu and just stare. I take the oppurtunity to look at how they look. One has curly brown hair. The other guy has blonde hair. They are both very fit. That's all I can say right now.

They finally look back at me... well that's what I think cause I really can't see through those sun glasses.

I talk now "May I have your orders?" I say. The one with the curls looks at me and opens his mouth to speak. "Uh ya... umm can I have a-a...." He stops and just stares. I dont do anything I just stand there. The blonde one notices and elbows him, while clearing his throat. "Oh... sorry. Ummm... can I have the vanilla coffee?" "Ya" is all I say. I type it in the register thingy.

I look at the blonde and its my turn to talk again. "What would u like?" I say while giving him a small smile. He doesnt say anything for a while till the guy with the curls nudges him.

"Ya I would like the same thing as him" He says while pointing at the curly haired guy, and then looks down. Aww he's blushing!

"Okay would that be all?" I ask.

"Yup" they pop the "p" at the same time.

I tell them the price and they hand me the money. I put the money in the register and then close it.

I look up at them again "And your names?" I say.

They look at eachother and them back at me. "Uh umm... im.. uh Harold. Ya Harold." He says repeating himself. Hmm he doesnt seem so sure.

"You sure there buddy? Cause u really dont sound sure." I say while smirking. He looks down and smiles and starts getting a little pink in the cheeks.

He looks back up at me and smiles again "Ya Im sure" is all he says. U then write it down. I look up and look straight at the blonde guy.

"And yours?" I say while my pen in handy.

"Oh im umm.... James. Yup James thats me...." He says while looking down. I look at him and he finally looks up.

"You sure there?" I say smiling once again.

"Ya I am. Sure am" He says smiling. Aww so cute!

Okay stop Chey u can't like your customers. Even if they are tall... Hot... and adorable.

I write his name down too, and then head over to the machine to make their coffee's.

She thinks its the last time she will ever see them.... but shes wrong. ;)

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