Part 4: Unexpected dinner

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Joey's POV:

I. Cant. Believe. This.  My feelings were about to explode.

I will go to his house NOW. 

Shane’s POV:

Oh well, I better get off of this clothes and put on my pajamas.  But before, there’s someone on my door.

When I opened it I almost fainted.

Shane: JOEY!

Joey: Hey boy

Shane: What are you doing here?

Joey: Didn’t you leave me a message asking me to come over?

Shane: Yes, but I thought that you had plans; you didn’t answer my phone calls.

Joey:  I didn’t; i……. couldn’t find my phone.

Shane: Oh well, I’m so happy you’re here!

Joey: Yay… Shane you look so good.

SHOOT! Did I think out loud?

Shane: Well, you don’t look that bad either.

I hope that I’m not blushing, ugh so embarrassing.

Shane: Come in! It’s cold outside!

When I walked in, I saw the house, it looked stunning. Like Shane itself.

Joey: Shane, the house looks amazing! Lisa is missing out on this.

Shane: Let’s not think about that now, you’re here and that’s what matters.

Shane’s POV:

I can’t believe Joey is here, he made my night so much better. Now that I think about it, I’m happy that he’s here with me instead of Lisa.

Shane: You don’t know how happy I am right now.

Joey: Really? Me too!

Shane: We better get to eat unless you want your food cold.

Joey: Yay! I was so hungry, what are we eating today chef? 

I giggled.

Shane: Well sir, today we’re having homemade spaghetti with jalapeños.

Joey: That sounds delicious!

I walked joey towards the table and helped him to sit down.  I think Joey was actually happy to be here, he couldn’t stop smiling. Me neither.

So, we started eating and we talked about random topics.

But Joey, I couldn’t hold myself from smiling the whole time. He was so beautiful. And his laugh, I want to hear that laugh every time I wake up.

Shane: Damn Joey, you’re sucking on those noodles really hard. *giggle*

Joey burst into laughing.

Joey: SHANE, always thinking about that!!

Joey sucking on that noodle kinda turned me on. Jeez.

I couldn’t help to notice there was a jalapeño leftover on joey’s chin.

Shane: Joey, your chin.

Joey: what?

Shane: Wait, let me help you.

Joey’s POV:

I saw Shane lick his finger lean into me, and clean whatever I had on my chin. I felt electricity when his finger met my skin. 

 He was looking so hot, with his blazer, his straightened hair. I liked him. I wanted him.


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