Torn: harry styles sad fanfic part one

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Belle was a girl that lived in New York and was planning to go to NYU to get a masters in biology and work for a fashion magazine She was so excited to carry out her dream and then it hit her.

When she was 16, she was pregnant. Out of all things that happened to her, this was the worst. She didnt tell anyone. She didn't want to disappoint her parents by ruining her college career to take care of a baby. Even though being pregnant was difficult to process, she didn't want an abortion, but her boyfriend was going to leave her if she didnt get an abortion and keep it a secret. If she didn't, he would expose her and completely ruin her life. It was extremely hard, but she did, and hated herself ever since for doing it.
After the pregnancy, she shut herself out from the world. She tried to get a job at a magazine, but is still struggling. Belle did attend classes, but still doesn't know what she wants to do with her life and her parents are always down her throat about it. She spent her 21st birthday in her apartment crying and wanting to fix her screwed up life.
"I have nothing to live for" she constantly said to herself. She only had one birthday wish. "Maybe I won't fuck up so much this year".

Every Time she sees a baby, she cringes and thinks of what she did to hers. She developed depression and always thinks that hurting herself will make her feel better. And it did. It took away just the slightest of pain that she had from the abortion. She knows it's stupid, but she doesn't know any other way to deal with the constant burden and guilt. The same year she was pregnant, she was let's call it extremely "dedicated" to One direction for a couple years and she was just like every other fan girl. She dreamed of meeting them or even going to one of their concerts, but she knew she could never afford it. One day, she was walking home to her apartment from one of her classes and was feeling kinda low that day. She saw a woman pushing her baby in a stroller. Once again, Belle's guilty conscience was distracting her and she zoned out right before she accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" She said. "Oh it's quite alright." Said Harry. His body guards gave a glare to Belle and she automatically was nervous

Belle grabbed her purse from harry (inwhich she dropped) and looked into his stunning green eyes.

"What's your name?" Harry asked.

"Oh Im Belle."

"Belle....what a beautiful name."

"Thank you Harry."

Oh I see I don't need an introduction then."

"Is this real?Am i imagining this right now? I need to stop reading fanfics" Belle kept thinking this to herself.

Belle laughed and smiled at Harry. It wa the first real smile she's had in a long time.

"Um where are you headed?" Harry asked. "Oh just home." Belle said.

Belle has been a huge one direction fan and was star struck by harry.

Harry walked with belle for a little bit until he got to his car. The rest of the boys were in the car waiting to go to dinner.

"We'll are we going to go for dinner or what?" Niall shouted to harry as he opened the door.

"Yes, yes, let's go then!" Harry replied. Harry introduced the boys to her

"Hi Belle I'm Niall."

"I'm Zayn, pleasure to meet you."

"Oh hello dear Im Louis"

"And I'm Liam, how are you?"

"Im ok thank you" she said even though the only thing fine was that she had just met one direction!!!

"How do girls process meeting them??? I think I'm gonna pass out. wtf I can't do this. They're talking to me. I can't think of anything to say. I think I'm going to throw up. No, no. Just breathe. Come on pull yourself together . Holy fuck I can't do this." She was obviously struggling to remain calm on the outside while she was having a breakdown on the inside.

"Did you just pick her up from off the street??" Niall asked. "I dont mean to sound rude dear."

"No, I uh, accidentally bumped into her when I was walking back from the store." Harry responded.

"Yea I was walking back from my university and Harry and I literally bumped into each other." Belle said nervously.

"Oh well thats funny. Well Harry shouldn't be so clumsy anyways." Louis said as he and the boys laughed.

"Belle would you like to join us for dinner?" Harry asked.

Belle couldn't think. Having dinner with one direction??? Ofcourse that's a no-brainer, but she had trouble getting the words out. She tried to remain as calm as she could because she knew that girls who acted histarical in front of the boys were the ones who didnt really end up with a good conversation.

"O-oh I um should really get back home, I don't want to intrude."

"No we would love to have you!" Louis said.

Belle thanked the boys and got into the black escalade.

It was hard for the first hour for Belle to realize that she was actually having dinner with one direction. But she fit in perfectly.

"So you're from New York?" Harry asked belle.

"No I'm from upstate New York, but I live in manhattan now."

"How old are you?"

"I'm 21."

"Oh, so am I."

"Haha I know."

Belle was amazed on how flirty harry was. After dinner they went for a walk and sat on a bench in Battery park.
He was even more beautiful when she saw him in person. God, his eyes, his lips, even his fucking nose were just too tempting to kiss. She knew that Harry was unfailingly kind to everyone he met, but she was touched by how much he cared about her, a complete stranger.

She had always dreamed of meeting them, but never in a lifetime did she believe that she would be sitting alone with Harry Styles on a park bench and just having an amazing conversation with the love of her life

Harry kissed her on the cheek.

Belle was blushing and felt a bit embarrassed.

Then he kissed her on the lips. The feeling of his hot breath going down her neck gave her goosebumps.

Before she knew it, they were making out and Belle didn't even realize how long they were kissing.

Harry gave her a look she had never seen anyone give her. It was so full of compassion and love, something that was never given to Belle. She almost felt like crying, but she didn't want ruin everything.

They walked back to the car and he took her back to her apartment.

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