(Izzy's POV)


They should be at on the date right now...

Maybe I can still stop him....

No. I lost my chance. He isn't mine. I need to stop this.

"Izzy!" Jay yells and snaps her fingers in my face.

I shake my head and look at her and Rachel.

"What?" I ask stupidly.

"You have been staring at your phone for 15 minutes while we try to talk to you," Rachel explains slowly.

"Oh sorry," I mumble looking back done at my phone.

One missed call.

"I have a missed call?!" I almost yell at no one really.

"Ya, it was Harry's ringtone. We tried telling you, but you wouldn't snap out of everything," Jay shrugs.

I am about to reply when Harry's ringtone goes off again.

"What do I do?" I ask.

I swear I look like a deer caught in headlights.

"Answer the fricken phone," Rachel screeches.

I shake my head no and toss her the phone.

She tosses it to Jay. Jay answers the call.

"Hello? Oh ya she is right in front of me," she says acting like I'm not listening in," oh, she is in a phase. Anyway, Styles, why do you call?"

There is complete silence as I watch her eyes widen with each second that passes.

"Hold up, hold up. Let me just get out of the room," she says shaking her head.

She holds one finger up to us then leaves the room.

"What the fudge are they talking about?!" I almost scream in frustration.

"Iz, does he know you like him?" Rachel asks with wide eyes.

"I haven't told him," I trail off.

"Liam," we say at the same time.

She pulls out her phone and dials his number. She puts the phone on speaker and places it between us.

"Rachel? What's up?" He asks after two rings.

"Liam! Why did Harry call me? Why is he talking to Jay? What is he saying?" I start throwing questions at him.

"Woah, woah, calm down. You are worse than the paparazzi Izzy," he laughs.

"This is no laughing matter," I say through gritted teeth.

"Izzy, calm down," he says more seriously this time.

"Sorry, I just.... UGH!" I say rolling off my bed and landing on the floor next to Rachel.

"What was that?" He asks.

"That was Izzy's UGH and roll. She does that whenever she is frustrated. Even in school," Rachel explains.

Hey, don't judge me! Everyone has their techniques. So while you count to ten, I'm gonna UGH and roll.

"Ok, so is Harry home yet?" I ask impatiently.

"Um, ya. He just walked through the door. He is on the phone, and oh my good forks. Harry?! Are you alright?!" He asks as he gets further away from us.

We hear some muffled noises before Liam returns.

"Rachel, I will call you back," he says before hanging up.

I look at Rachel and she looks as worried as me.

"JAAAAY!" We both scream.

No answer. We get up and rush around to try and find her. She is on the couch, in tears, with a phone pressed to her ear.

"Jay, Jay," Rachel says trying to get her attention.

She just stares forward.

"Izzy, don't ever let him go," Jay says handing me my phone.

I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion as I push the phone to my ear.

"I just can't lose her Li," I hear Harry sob," I know I just met her, but I care so deeply for her. I wish I could stop this. I wish I could be there to help her when she needs a shoulder. I wish I could be her rock, but I just went and screwed things up."

"Harry, calm down, you didn't screw anything up," I say softly into the phone.

"I-Izzy?" He chokes out and his voice gets a little more clear.

"Harry, listen to me. Meet me in the park in ten minutes ok?" I ask.

"Y-ya s-sure," he forces out of his sobs.

"Have Liam drive you. I don't want you driving like this," I say like I'm talking to a child.

I heard him mumble an ok before I said goodbye and hung up.

I need to get to the park.

"Come on, we are going for a walk," I say.

"At this time of night?! Are you fudging crazy Izzy?!" Rachel says standing up to face me.

She is right... The last girl that went for a walk at 8 o'clock at night, didn't make it back in very good shape...

"I will ask my mom if she can drive us. We just need to get to the park," I say rushing up the stairs to my mom's office.

I sure hope she is willing to drive me to the park for the second time today.....

I'm not going to let him go....



Ok so in chapter 10- truth or insane, I made a quick change. You don't have to go read it, but I just wanted to say it was there. It is two words that I changed. Ok? Ok.

So how do you like it?! I have like 265 reads!!! That is amazing!!! I love you guys honestly I can't believe so many people read this story?! Thank you all!!!



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