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 Chapter Thirty Three


Dylan Bernice Anthony


Honey, Heather and I were taking a day trip to USC to get things set up for college. It was about an hour away from my house, and I could head home to Jenine and Robert any time I wanted to. Thank God, I couldn’t be that far from them.

“Do you like the apartments?” Heather questioned as we walked along the crowd of students.

“Yeah, they’re really nice. I love it. We just need to finalize everything and get our stuff in it. I'm just focused on tonight though." Heather and I were going to see one of my favorite rappers, Chris Travis perform in downtown LA tonight. Honey wanted to go with us, but there was gonna be so much drugs, and everyone wasn't going to be aware of a two month pregnant teenage girl. If I wasn't in love with Chris, I would definitely try to get in one night with Chris Travis. He was just so fine! Not finer than my nigga though. Chris Travis was just a trill Southern nigga, and he was delicious.

"I hate that I can't go with you guys." Honey pouted and hopped into the backseat of my car. We were going to get a hotel room for us, and then we were gonna go out to dinner, go back to the hotel, get ready for the concert, have an amazing time, do a lot of drugs, head back to the hotel, and then head back to LA. Then two days after we head back home we graduate. Our whole lifes’ we were preparing for this moment, and now it was here. High school was finally over, and I couldn't believe it. It seems like I was just packing my stuff and moving to LA yesterday, and now I was about to go to college. Shit was moving too fast.

"Sorry baby momma, you and mini Chink have to stay home. Next time my love." I laughed as I pulled out of the parking spot my BMW was sitting pretty in.

"Damn, I'm not even a mom yet and I'm limited. Next time though."

We pulled off of the USC campus, and followed the flow of traffic until we found a hotel. We were gonna just find a motel since we weren't going to be here for long, but Robert insisted that we stay in a hotel, and he was gonna pay for it. Shit, if he was paying I wasn't complaining. We found a Four Seasons and checked in to our two bed suite.

“Ah, this is so comfy.” Honey sighed as she jumped into her bed.Heather and I were gonna share ours because it was big enough, and the baby momma needed a bed to herself.

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