Chapter 22

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Another day of shopping. Ugh. Gee, my mom literally wants to take to EVERY store. I haven't seen Harry since last night, when I was suppose to get my jacket but instead I went in a closet with Harry. Good thing I have barely seen Jai today, it's already nine P.M and I haven't seen Jai since the morning. Of course he has called me and all this but at least I didn't have to see him. I walk to the bathroom and turn on the water. I take off my shirt and bra, when I'm about to pull my pants down I hear somebody, "Princess." I yelp and immediately put my shirt on and pull my pants up. "What-? About to take a shower?" Harry asks a grin on his face. "Harry! Dammit you need to tell me when you're coming! It's really bad what if somebody sees you?" "I'm not that stupid to let somebody see me." He says with a smirk. I sigh and run my fingers through my hair. "So, you're taking a shower?" "Yes." "You know we could take a shower together, to save water." He winks and my tummy flips. "Harry, no." I say my cheeks feeling extremely hot. "Why not, babe?" Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Just imaging showering with Harry- oh sweet baby Jesus! "Look me in the eye and say you won't like it?" he licks his lips and I look down at the floor, I bet my whole face is red. "Oh my gosh Harry." He laughs, "Just messing princess. I'm going to be on your bed, just call my name if you change your mind." He winks and kisses my cheek. I lock the door when I see that he's laying down on he bed playing some game on his phone. I close the door and get undress. The water is pretty warm, at first it feels cold but then my body adjusts to the water temperature. There's a little machine on the shower wall, you're suppose to push it and shampoo will come out, I find it pretty stupid. I push the button and no shampoo will come out. "Dammit." I press it again and next thing I know it squirts right in my eyes. I scream in pain as I feel my eyes burn, it feels like I just put hot sauce in my eyes. "Alana?" I hear Harry say. I totally forgot he's here, I try to stop myself from screaming but I can't help it. I try to wash it off but it won't come out. "Alana? Are you okay?!" Harry is knocking on the door. "It burns!" I scream, some water gets in my throat causing me to cough uncontrollably. "Alana?!" He screams. I open the Curtain and almost slip, I can't see where I'm going but I find the sink. Quickly I open the water and wash my face. "Oh Gosh!" I yell. Harry keeps knocking and finally I open my eyes and see myself in the mirror, my eyes are red, they burn and are very watery. Harry's still knocking on the door harshly and I'm about to say I'm okay when Harry kicks the door open. I scream trying to find a towel, Harry freezes just staring at my naked body. "Towel! Where's the towel?!" Harry doesn't move, I try my best to cover up my body with my two hands. "Um, towel, uh here." Harry says walking to get a towel, his eyes never stop looking at my body and I feel my cheeks burn in embarrassment. I'm not the most confident about my body and I didn't want Harry to see me naked, not today anyways. I take the towel and wrap it Around my body. Harry smiles shyly and he's blushing too. The water is still running but after what happened, I don't want to go back in there. Harry turns the water off and my body is dripping water making a huge puddle on the floor. I start to sob and cover my face, this is beyond embarrassing. Harry probably thinks my body is ugly. "Oh Alana! Why are you crying?" He comes closer and hugs me even though my whole body is wet. "I'm so embarrassed, I didn't want you too- I'm such an- my body-" I babble like a three year old and he hugs me tighter. "Shh, Shh it's okay." He says running his fingers through my wet hair. "It's not, oh my god." I sob in his shirt which is probably soaking wet. "Princess what's wrong?" He whispers. "I just- I'm way too embarrassed." I cry out. "What? Why?" He asks. Is he serious?! He just saw me NAKED. "Harry!" I say. "What? There's nothing to be embarrassed about." He kisses my head. "Yes there is." "What is it?" I chew my lip and try to hold my sobs from coming out my mouth. "Princess?" He asks, he cups my face in his hands. "My body Harry! It's disgusting!" I say, more tears fall from my eyes and he looks surprised, like when you walk into a surprise party. "Are you serious?!" He asks. "Oh my gosh, you are perfect! So beautiful, why be insecure?!" "I'm not good enough for you," I sniff and wipe my tears, "Sarah is so much prettier, her body is-". "Sarah? We've already been through this. I like you, I love you! And trust me, your body is as perfect as you." He smiles and I stop crying yet the lump is still in my throat. "Trust me, if I was staring is because-" he stops and I look at him, "Damn. Your body is wow." He grins and I can't help to smile and feel flattered. He leans closer and at first I think he's going to kiss my cheek but he doesn't he kisses my lips. I know I shouldn't kiss back but I can't help it. His lips are like honey, sweet and so good. "You shouldn't have done that." I whisper as he pulls away. "You're wrong , I needed to do that. It's been long since I haven't touched your beautiful lips." He smiles and I smile even though I feel so guilty. "I need to get changed." I say. Harry steps back with a smile, "go ahead." "Harry, I need you to get it first." He laughs, "I juts saw you naked princess, don't be shy." He winks and I groan and laugh. "Oh Harry stop it!!" He laughs and walks out the room, since I can't close the bathroom door because he kinda screwed it up. He sits in the couch and I stick my tongue out at him. I put in my pjs and dry my wet hair, when I'm ready I open the door to see Harry sitting in the couch. "You okay?" I ask as I walk out the bathroom , Harrys sitting down and even though he's smiling I can see something's wrong. "Yeah." He says. "I just need-" he breaths, "Need to um." "Um?" I ask. Harry's cheeks are red, he's blushing again and if Harry's blushing then obviously something's up. He stands up and then I finally see what's wrong. "Oh." I say with a smirk, The redness of his cheeks spread to his neck. "I didn't mean to-" I start laughing and Harry covers his face, "It's not funny princess." He says I walk towards him and he looks at me, "It is pretty funny." I say with a wink. "Oh c'mon now you're winking! Stop it you're making it worse." He laughs and his cheeks are beyond red. I kiss him on the cheek, "I have to go, um. You know." He says looking down. I start to laugh again and he covers his face again. "Alana!! It's not funny!!" "Yes it is actually." He uncovers his face and he's trying not to smile but at the end he ends up smiling. "Goodnight, sweetdreams. I would've loved to sleep with you but-" he glances down at his pants and a giggle escapes my mouth. "It's all good Haz." I say. He kisses my forehead sand gives me a quick hug. "I love you." He whispers. "I love you too."

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