A Quick Allegory

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He didn't want to listen to his mother.

He didn't want to go to school,

or worry about grades,

or be forced to adhere to curfews and the

stupid, overprotective rules

that all mothers set for their children.

He told his father

and his father said he'd take him away

and he wouldn't have rules

or grades to worry about.

Naturally he said yes

and his mother wept

as he packed his bags and moved out.

His father was true to his word.

He dropped out

and his father got him a car

and he got a job at a construction site

and he made friends

and overall, he was happy.

One day

his friend invited him to go out somewhere

and they met near the site they worked at

in the dark

and his best friend 

shot him in the head

and took his car and his money.

The moral of the story

is that people

will betray you,

every single chance they get.

So don't give them the chance.

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