Chapter 2: Evil

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I looked at the principal with her glowing eyes. I was actually kind of scared which I never am. This is so weird because the principal was expecting me to do that. "Here, I want you to hold this." she said. She handed me an apple. I held it carefully but this time it didn't melt. I was so surprised but at the same time, relieved. I don't have any powers. Thank God. Her evil smile quickly faded. "Never mind. Just go back to the double detention room." she said. I left as soon as she said just go. I was in such a hurry that I almost ran into the secretary."Excuse you." she said to me very sternly. "No, excuse you. You ran into me." I said. She gave me a dirty look but she kept on working. I had just got back to the room when I felt a blast of cold. "What the hell?!" I said. "What do you mean?" Emily asked me. "When I opened the door, I got hit with a blast of cold." I said. "I didn't feel anything. It is just right in here. Okay, now I'm cold like really cold." Emily said. She shivered. "No, it is now a despicable coldness." I said. I realized she was white like ghostly white. "Oh my God!" I screamed. "What, what?!" she screamed too. "You are ghostly white." I said and after I said that, her real color came back to her skin. I was so glad when the secretary came in and got us. 

I lived out the day in just watching everybody. I had a sense that somebody was watching me go up and down the halls. I didn't speak to Emily and her gang the whole day and they didn't bother me. I didn't want to talk to them, either. The day was finally over and I bolted out of the door. As I was walking home, the ground flew away from me. I looked down and I saw fire shooting out of my feet. What the hell?, I thought to myself. I looked over my shoulder to see two more people up in the air. It was Michela and Emily. "Ahh!" they were both screaming. Just then, I realized that I was falling. Oh God, I thought. So I put my hands out in front of me and that seemed to break my fall because I didn't hit the ground. "What the___" Michela shouted. "Why did you go down and I didn't" Michela asked. I think that she was asking Emily. "I think you are coming down." Emily said and she was right. Michela slowly went down.

I made it home only to have my dad gone again. He was always working late because he made more money that way. I was used to it. I was going down the hallway when I saw a amazing picture. It was my mom and the principal. The one that was looking at me evilly. I think now she's out to get me. Maybe that's what she did with my mom. Why would we have a picture of her in here. I just knew I was going to be in deep shit.

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