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Tonight was going to be the night. Lincoln was officially going to start working on getting Kenzie back. He had spent almost a week mapping out almost every step he knew he was going to have to take. He was starting with the one thing he had already promised, the Christmas lights. Since she was always the one to do it, he had never actually known exactly what to do, but after a few YouTube tutorials he thought he should have gotten it down. As usual he had made it home after work before she did. He headed up to “his room” and changed before heading outside to start.

As he expected it took him a while to actually have the lights up the right way, but he had managed to get it right. As he had began to finish up, he saw Kenzie’s car pull into the side of the street.

Once she got out her eyebrows stayed raised, like they had been when she saw him on the roof of the house. “What on earth are you doing?”

“I told you I’d beat you to it this year.” He said after he finished and carefully made his way off of the roof. “I got home a little early so I decided to kill some time.” He shrugged.

“Eh, as long as you did it right and didn’t kill yourself.”

Linc got off of the ladder and headed towards the bushes to plug the lights in. Once he did he stood back and admired his work. “I didn’t do too bad after all.”

Kenzie gave a slight nod and a soft smile looking at the lights. “Not bad, not bad.” She admitted before heading to the door. She never really thought about the extra attempts that Linc had done from time to time; to her it was just him being him. Not trying to change her mind, she thought he wanted the divorce as much as she did.

“I made dinner too.” He walked in and closed the door behind her.

She stopped in her steps and gave him a look that clearly read ‘You didn’t’ in the worst way possible. Linc had only “cooked” three time since they were together. Each time had been a miserable failure.

“I mean got.” He corrected putting his hands up in defense. “I didn’t touch anything.”

Kenzie gave a sigh of relief before continuing to get settled in.

“Well damn. I’m not that bad… am I?”

“Linc, you almost burned my kitchen down in college and ended up undercooking the chicken you were trying to make.” She reminded him.

Great, he had managed to complete two steps in less than fifteen minutes. Step two was to get her to bring certain memories up; if she didn’t then he would do it himself. This would have to continue thought the night. “That… that wasn’t my fault.” He wasn’t faking it, he still had no excuse for that.

“And when we first moved in here you forgot about the lasagna and used cream cheese instead of ricotta.”

“The tub thingies looked the same and the consistency did too. I thought it was the one you normally got.” He headed into the kitchen and started taking the two containers of food out of the oven. “These should still be warm.”

She walked in and tried to see what he had gotten. “Is that Ben’s?” She asked getting a little excited. Bens was her favorite Caribbean.

Step three complete.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I want to share with you because you made fun of my cooking. I guess I will eat my food and this delicious salmon pasta with extra passion fruit cream sauce. And to finish it off with the pineapple caramel Blondie with vanilla ice cream.” He teased taking the top off of their food. He let out a sigh and looked up as if he were thinking. “Maybe I’ll even have that wine that goes with it…”

“Shut up, you won’t starve me.” She hit his arm and laughed a little, while he smiled.

He laughed. “Fine, maybe I won’t.”

♠ ♠ ♠

“…No, when we got kicked off of Cat and The Hat and Popeye at Universal.” Kenzie laughed while her and Linc ate desert.

“Yeah and we all acted like we couldn’t speak English or Spanish.” He said also laughing at the memory.

She shrugged. “Well we really couldn’t speak Spanish, well Brent could. But he stayed quiet and just pretended to be confused while we all rambled off in German and Russian.”

“You were the only one speaking Russian, Kenz. You would think that you would have gone with the rest of us.” He laughed at her.

“You, Crystal, Bethany and Fred took German. It wouldn’t have worked if there were two quiet people in the group.” She defended. “And we got kicked off anyway so it didn’t matter.” She pointed.

“True.” He said as both of their laughter died down a little more.

They both stayed quiet for a while and continued to eat. It wasn’t a bad silence, it was comfortable and it had been a while since they had an actual silence that had been that way. They hadn’t paid attention but they had both went in for the last piece of cake causing their forks to hit each other.

“That is totally mine.” Kenzie looked up at him laughing again.

“It really isn’t.”

“C’mon you always give me the last piece.”

He laughed slightly. “Fine. I’ll be a gentleman.”

She smiled and took it, but cut it in half for him. “Here.” She said taking hers and popping it into her mouth.

“I am so honored. You have no idea.” He teased and put it into his mouth.

A smile continued to stay on her face as she shook her head. He watched her while she hadn’t been paying attention. This would have been where he kissed her. He gave an internal sigh and got up to start cleaning. He couldn’t do it just yet, she would most defiantly spaz out on him and there would be no chance of ever getting pack together. It was a process, but he was willing to do it.

“Well dinner was great. Thank you.” She smiled and kissed his cheek.

“No problem. Going to bed?” He asked.

“Maybe, it depends on if I want to work or not.” She yawned.

“Go to bed.” He suggested.

“We’ll see. But just in case, good night.” She smiled heading out of the kitchen.

“Good night.”

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