Mother of all Chatrooms 3

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So this is where a lot of the story basically unfolds. Will be a final part four after this! Remember to enjoy and suggest things~

Bruce woke up feeling like the other guy had a hangover (again) and was apparently in a moving shopping cart. He tensed for a moment before grabbing his broken glasses that rested a top the curly, unruly mess of black people called hair and putting them on. Once he could see clearly, he wished he didn't. What he found was one of the most horrifying things ever.


Fucking horses.


His black brows furrowed for a moment, being slightly blinded by how much pink was in this room and tried to rub his temples. But the sound of clanking shackles stopped him. Looking down his hands were bound by rusty chains that had already started to chafe at his skin. He grit his teeth and looked up at the huge man pulling the cart. He had long, braided hair that looked like it was once golden. A mixture of different objects were tucked inside the folds of the braid. He had a very muscular figure and thumping feet. Bruce clenched his hands and called out timidly, "...Thor?"

The sound caused the man to turn and Bruce had to keep himself from screaming like a dolphin. The first thing the scientist noticed was the very long beard that was bushy like an unkept tree. Like the braid, it had bits and pieces inside but mostly food. The mouth wasn't even visible through the thick blonde mane. As Bruce raised his brown, shocked eyes he found that Thor's eyes glowed slightly an unnatural blue. They stared right through him and at that moment, crawling under a hole and hiding seemed like heaven.

Thor paused for a moment before saying in a loud and joyous voice, "BANNER! HOW WONDERFUL IT IS TO SEE THAT YOU HAVE RETURNED FROM SLUMBER!" His voice was loud but strange. Almost as if he rehearsed these words.

Bruce adjusted his glasses and said quietly, "Uh...yeah. Good to see you too buddy. But where am I? Why...why does New York look-"

"Like a pile of frost giant dung?"

"My thoughts exactly. Where are the Avengers?! Why are you like...a homeless guy?" Bruce asked with concern.

For a moment, Thor's robotic eyes looked sad. As if relieving the memories of something horrible. "I suppose...I could share the tell of the Fall." He looked away as if to the distance and going to a flash back.

"No no Thor please no flash backs can't you just-"


"Oh god why?"


"It was the battle of New York. We were fighting as hard as we could to end this war my brother had commenced. Mr. Stark was fighting in the skies...Ms. Romanov and Steve Rogers were on the ground protecting the people...I was doing all I could to close the portal that let the creatures inside...and Mr. Barton shot arrows quite bravely. But...without you we...we didn't stand a chance. The enemies overwhelmed us and took the city by storm, Loki being the first. He enslaved us and those who fit to work. This is only a small part of the earth but the city is what it looks like everywhere. We all work for Loki now-" His face twitched as his voice suddenly sounded robotic saying, "All hail Loki!" Thor shook his head and continued, "When you didn't come back it was our downfall and the Avengers that remain hate you bitterly for it."

Bruce blinked slowly, silence hanging over them until he got out of the cart and walked over to Thor. He placed a hand on the other's shoulder and said quietly, "Thor...I don't know why the Bruce here didn't come back. But I can tell you this. I come from a different universe where the Avengers won the battle and now Loki is pretty much our bitch-"

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