Entry Two: The Writer's Mind

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BOOK 1: A Change


            The writers mind. Well, yes I almost forgot. My name is John Vayne Austin. Well, to tell you the truth, I am a normal high school student which have a dream of becoming a famous writer. I usually enter in contests concerning literature. I have a few friend though; everybody thinks that I’m weird, because of my hobbies such as writing and reading. You might say that why is writing and reading weird? Well, to tell you the truth, the genre of my favorites are literature. They say that I am a child born in the wrong century. I usually use deep words; words that they say are long forgotten and are long dead. What can I do? I am just being myself, and thyself is a boy filled with eccentricity, yet filled with greatness. My parents are very proud of me. I usually spend time in filling my head with different information. My parents told me that I am different from other children who would prefer to play video games or have earthly fun as so I called it. I could not help it, this is what I am. Is there something wrong with me? My Parents said that I am just gifted.

            I try not to express myself to others, because every time I tell others about me, they say that I am boastful. I try not to be that smart or should I say interact in school, because since elementary I always have awards. Other kids tell that I am a weird boy, who always think advance. I don’t want them to hate me; I don’t want to be alone. I try to lay low in studies; my parents were not happy about it though; they say I should not stop learning because of what others think of me. I am sad about it; I don’t want to disappoint them. This is what I am; a boy born in the wrong century; a creature trapped in the wrong epoch. I want to pursue writing, but my parents want me to be a doctor. I don’t want them to be disappointed, so I agree that after I finished high school, I will be studying medicine.


            I am now in 4th year high school, but I am still 14 years old. Well, I didn’t know that my grades are too good, that I will accelerate. I don’t want to talk about it much though; I don’t want to boast on my own success. For what I am now, it is because the will of God. It is the first day of school, and my parents told me to find some friends for a change; some children who would accept me for who I am. As I entered the school I quickly find my assigned room.

“Hey!” a voice from behind me suddenly appeared as I was thinking deeply.

“Hey! You! New kid!” it repeats once more, but still I am in a deep state of thinking on how I will react, so I did not bother to answer back. What if I speak to obscure that he or she would avoid me for the rest of my educated years in this institution. It was definitely a she, because the voice sounds like a sweet voice of a young lady.

“Hey! Will you please, just answers back? I don’t bite. I just wanted to make new friends” she said as she already caught up with me. She stood in front of me and made a sweet smile. She is a girl, maybe in the age of 15, with long black hair and have a fair complexion. I stood like a statue and just stared, confused what to say.

“You cannot speak? Well, it’s ok! My name is Christine and I’m the president of the literature club. I am hoping I can invite you to our club, because you’re a new student here and you don’t belong to any club yet”

            I am much relieved. Someone who understands literature. This fair maiden might be the friend my parents are talking about.

“Hi! My name is John Vayne Austin, and I am happy to meet an acquaintance”

“Finally! I know you can speak! Well, I am happy to meet you John! We are also in the same class I suppose”

“Uh… May you please call me Vayne instead? And I hope we are in the same class” I replied with much a smile.

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