Chapter Two

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"No I don't fucking know what to do!" I could hear Harry yelling from the living room couch.

He was trying to get rid of me, obviously. He had been making all kinds of calls, but his temper only seemed to be rising, as things weren't going his way.

Obviously not, since I am still here.

I took this time to look around the room, it was white, with a black couch which I was sitting on, and a fireplace with a mounted television attatched to the wall above it. There was not a lot of pictures on the walls, mainly pointless black and white paitings to take up space, I assume. There was one picture, framed, mounted on the fireplace next to a few awards.

I stood up, and took the few steps to come closer to the photo. It looked like Harry, from what I have seen, but a bit younger. He was standing with another man, who looked a bit older than him, and a girl, who looked like her age fell between the two. They all looked so happy in the photo, Harry didn't look angry like has has ever since we have been introduced.

"I can't get anything fucking done today- so I guess we are just going to have to rip Joe apart when we see him tommorrow." His angry voice made me jump a little bit, as I turned to see he was still as mad as before, but clearly trying to calm down.

"Okay." I coughed a little... it had been awhile since I had spoken.

"Well, um you can shower, or we can eat? I could order us shit like pizza or something?" He was scratching the back of his neck with his hand, not looking at me.

He must have looked at me enough before.

I just nodded, not trusting my voice at the moment. So far, trying to stand up for myself has not been working.

"Well do you want to fucking shower or...?" This made my eyes shoot up to meet his, most definitely angered ones.

"I'm good." Was all I said.

I had left the apartment an hour ago showered and cleanly dressed with my navy blue sweater and black jeans, I didn't really know what was going to happen, so I just dressed like I normally would. The rest of my clothes were packed.

"Do whatever you want." He gestured around the room, and with that, he turned and stormed out of the apartment.

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